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James Bond’s Troubled Project Recovery I wasn’t consulted about the inclusion of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, on the list of contenders for an Academy Award for Best Picture, but if I had been I would have been most … Continue reading

Last month, I was driving through a major highway construction project when my passenger commented how excited she was because she’d heard that the project was nearing completion and would be finished before year-end.  I took a quick gander at … Continue reading

An unchartered project is an oxymoron to most project managers.  Kind of like the unsponsored project.  It just doesn’t compute.  No sponsor, no project.  No charter, no project. But take a look at the mountain of stuff on your desk.  How … Continue reading

Virtualization.  It’s no longer a question of do you work virtually, but how much of your day is spent working with others with whom you have little or no face time.  Frankly, this can appeal to our less-industrious selves.  How … Continue reading

The ability to influence others is a requisite skill for any project professional.  It sure would be handy to be able to march around and dictate that people do this or that, but the fact is, when team members tell … Continue reading

Controlling projects is a good thing. Controlling people is not. What does it mean to control projects, not people, and when have you crossed the threshold from controlling the project to micromanaging the people? When you start telling people how … Continue reading

When I ask project managers what a baseline is and why it’s important, they tell me that it is an approved starting point against which project performance is measured. They are right, of course.  But when I ask them if … Continue reading

The Olympics are a fascinating phenomenon.  Why does watching athletes, whose names we don’t recognize, compete in sports we know nothing about become absolutely riveting?  Synchronized diving – seriously?  Would you even turn on the TV for that if it … Continue reading

Oh the joys of a summer vacation…and the agony of going back to work.  For many, it’s the email in-box that we dread returning to most.  After a week of vacation, how many unread emails do you expect in your … Continue reading

Thomas Edison once said, “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”  Rules, rules, rules.  They constrain us, can make us feel patronized, and stand in the way of progress.  But without them…sometimes we’re a mess! … Continue reading