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In all of our business analysis training classes, we usually cover the importance of relationships in doing BA work. They are key to us delivering products that the business values and can put to use. Quick – which is the … Continue reading

CBAP/CCBA APPLICATION AND REQUIREMENTS The following questions have been gathered during our monthly IIBA Certification Chats, our complimentary live Q&A sessions delivered online on the first Friday of every month. The questions below relate to the CBAP application process – check back for more Q&A … Continue reading

… and the role that Watermark Learning played in the Process We recently received the following success story from a colleague who overcame challenges to achieve his goal of becoming a CBAP, and we wanted to share it as an inspiration … Continue reading

Update: This article was the #1 viewed article on BA Times and the #3 viewed article on Project Times for 2015. Each year we like to reflect on what’s happened in the business analysis, project management, and Agile professions and make our … Continue reading

You may have seen the TV commercial for a credit card company with the tag line “What’s missing from your wallet?” Well, with all due respect, I’d like to tweak that line to ask “What’s missing from your business cases?” … Continue reading

In my previous blog post What do Business Analysis and Entrepreneurship Have in Common?, I outlined some high-level similarities between business analysis and entrepreneurship. Now let’s explore some detailed parallels between the two. Assuming that business analysis has much in … Continue reading

  What do Business Analysis and Entrepreneurship Have in Common? If you are a BA, you may be wondering about your career options. To be honest, we all do that, but I tend to hear about career concerns from business … Continue reading

Getting your business analysis or project management industry certification is a notable accomplishment for individuals and a benefit to organizations. For organizations it helps promote consistency on projects and shows that practitioners working in the organization have a level-set understanding … Continue reading

We often get questions about recertification.  We have even had people ask whether they have to retake their certification exam in order to maintain their certification status! Of course, the exam myth is FALSE. Once you pass your exam, you must … Continue reading

Are Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics buzzwords in your workplace? Or are you already working on a BI project and need to ramp up your skills? If so, you’re not alone. Business Intelligence skills have become increasingly valuable in … Continue reading