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Not every road to certification is the same, and some don’t go the way we plan. It’s gratifying to hear from people who have passed, and we get spontaneous notes frequently from successful CBAPs and PMPs. We love hearing from … Continue reading

Elizabeth and I arrived in Cape Town on Monday, and basically crashed due to the long, 18-hour flight. The trip over the Atlantic seems short compared to the Amsterdam to Cape Town flight. We were literally at the bottom of … Continue reading

Rich here. It’s been a while since I’ve written about BABOK techniques you need to know to pass the CBAP or CCBA exam. If I’m going to try and finish covering all 34 general and 15 task-specific ones by the … Continue reading

I just finished another application writing session for the IIBA Phoenix chapter. It was a good exchange, with many challenging questions. First of all, nearly everyone preparing for the CBAP questions the BABOK® and how it may or may not … Continue reading

  Prioritization Techniques One of the most difficult things for many decision-makers is to prioritize their needs. It is far easier to say “everything is an A priority” than to rationally sort through the many features of a project and … Continue reading

I’ve helped many people achieve their CBAP®, and I’ve seen a number of approaches. Most have been successful I’m happy to say. A few others have not been, either because candidates stressed out or were underprepared. Below is a summary … Continue reading

Problem or Vision Statement and Feasibility Analysis This week I’m writing about two specialized and powerful techniques that are useful not only for business analysis, but project management and other disciplines. These two come up in context of Enterprise Analysis, … Continue reading

Stakeholder Map and Variance Analysis Here are two more task-specific techniques featured in the BABOK® Guide. These two are part of Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring. They are useful techniques in their own right and knowing about them will help … Continue reading

Are you a BA interested in certification, but don’t have the experience quite yet for the CBAP®? Get ready for the launch of the certification tailor made for you. The IIBA® has been working hard to create their newest credential, … Continue reading

Coverage Matrix, Requirements for Vendor Selection, Requirements Documentation Picking up where I left off on BABOK techniques, let’s cover three more task-specific techniques. Or, what might be considered outputs, or have been combined with other techniques. But, I’m editorializing again. … Continue reading