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During a recent webinar I gave on CBAP and CCBA certification, we received a number of questions that we didn’t have time to cover. I will do my best to answer them all in a series of blog entries over … Continue reading

It’s good to be getting back to covering all 49 BABOK® Guide techniques, and this entry is about Decision Analysis. I’m going to prioritize the order of techniques, and will cover the most widely-referenced techniques in the BABOK® Guide first. … Continue reading

Are you thinking about getting your CBAP® or CCBA™? Struggling with the application? Currently preparing for the exam? Almost ready to take it? We can help! Join us monthly for a free, live CBAP®/CCBA™ Q&A session. Each month a CBAP®-certified … Continue reading

Not every road to certification is the same, and some don’t go the way we plan. It’s gratifying to hear from people who have passed, and we get spontaneous notes frequently from successful CBAPs and PMPs. We love hearing from … Continue reading

After a few days of enjoying the scenery of the southern coast, and the fun of whale watching every day, we ventured back to Cape Town. The Southern Right Whales had begun their migration up from Antarctica – what a … Continue reading

The time has flown by, and class ended today. Both Elizabeth and I noticed we had very little jet lag – that will probably hit us when we return home. Our delegates (notice I adopted some local terms) worked hard and … Continue reading

I’m posting this late, mainly due to challenges in Internet access, and being super busy on our trip to South Africa. I wrote some entries on the plane ride back home. Our first classes in South Africa got underway Aug. 3. The … Continue reading

Elizabeth and I arrived in Cape Town on Monday, and basically crashed due to the long, 18-hour flight. The trip over the Atlantic seems short compared to the Amsterdam to Cape Town flight. We were literally at the bottom of … Continue reading

Rich here again. In working with CBAP (and now CCBA) candidates, I run across people with a variety of motivations for getting their credential. Some people get certified for recognition, others want it for the personal satisfaction or increased stature … Continue reading

Rich here. It’s been a while since I’ve written about BABOK techniques you need to know to pass the CBAP or CCBA exam. If I’m going to try and finish covering all 34 general and 15 task-specific ones by the … Continue reading