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 The power of partnerships is a simple concept that applies to many obvious examples, like business partnerships or marriage. It’s also a key concept that I find myself spending more time on in project management training because of the profound … Continue reading

Part 1—Why Do We Have To Wait So Long?! The reality of a jury trial is different from what we see on TV or read in books, where the action moves quickly towards the acquittal or conviction of the defendant. … Continue reading

 August makes me think of lots of things: hot summer days, lemonade stands, and one of the most popular topics in the media this time of year, the summer slide. I’m not talking about the summer slide like the one … Continue reading

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 Certification – that very word that can inspire hope, bring joy, cause trepidation or strike fear in the hearts of every business analyst. Some people believe in it and others do not. Some people think it is a crutch and … Continue reading

A couple of years ago, we published a blog that listed the top 5 reasons for getting your CBAP® or CCBA®. It was posted when the CCBA was brand new so it focused on CBAP. The reasons are still valid … Continue reading

 An acquaintance was talking a few days ago about a company function at which a functional group had been brought together for purposes of learning, bonding, and growing as professionals, presumably to benefit themselves and the organization. But when someone … Continue reading

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 All too frequently, we are presented with choices where we need to make a critical decision. Those decisions can have profound impacts for the businesses we are employed by, the type of work that we do, the people we work … Continue reading

 The IIBA recently released two new certification handbooks. The CCBA handbook was released in May and the CBAP in June of 2013. If you are in the process of applying, or thinking about it in the next few months, I … Continue reading

 While teaching a recent Getting Real Results from Virtual Teams class, a student asked the question, “What does the end game look like?” How virtual will our work world become and what will that look like? The pendulum seems to … Continue reading

Based on your feedback, Watermark Learning will be launching a new round of Online Study Exam enhancements June 22. Not only are we pleased to introduce these user-friendly changes, but we want our audience to know that they are a … Continue reading