CBAP and CCBA Renewal – Need to Retake the Exam?

Rich here. I was talking with a group of CBAP candidates recently, and one of them mentioned a curious thing. CBAP and CCBA RumorShe heard that BAs have to re-take the CBAP or CCBA exam to renew their credential. Have you heard that rumor? I had not and was astounded by it and could not understand how it came about. Let me clarify.

First, once you pass your exam, you must renew your CBAP or CCBA every 3 years. If you don’t renew it, you will lose it. In that case you would have to re-take an exam to get your certification back. That is the only way you would need to re-take an exam.

I can understand the fear of having to re-take a difficult exam, so I re-checked the source. The IIBA has published its renewal requirements in two handbooks available on its website. There is no mention in either publication of re-taking an exam.

Note: IIBA changes it web page names often, so if the above links do not work, try the general certification page, or start from their home page at

The handbooks list the details of what you need to do to maintain your certification once you get it. Here are the general things you need to do:

  • Obtain 60 or more CDUs (Continuing Development Units) every 3 years. CDUs can be from BA training, webinars, conferences, self-study, writing articles, giving presentations, academic courses, and through business analysis work. There are limits to how many CDUs per category you can claim which are listed in the handbooks.
  • Complete a form listing your CDU activity.
  • Sign a new code of conduct.
  • Pay a small fee.

That is the extent of the re-certification requirements. Please spread the word and help stop the rumors about the exam. It may be inhibiting some people from even starting the certification process.

2 thoughts on “CBAP and CCBA Renewal – Need to Retake the Exam?

  1. Hi Rich, that comment was actually true for the CCBA® certification when it was first introduced in 2010. There was no recertification path for the CCBA®; it was good for 5 years and in order to maintain the CCBA® you had to re-take the exam. The feeling was that CCBA® recipients would gain the necessary work experience in that first 5 years to qualify for the CBAP® and would therefore sit for the CBAP® exam instead of maintaining the CCBA®. This all changed late 2011, giving the CCBA® certification its own continuing education requirements to maintain the certification. So there is today’s trivia.

    • Hi Aaron, and thanks for the reminder. That’s probably where the rumor came from, and the change in the CCBA program didn’t get communicated completely. CBAP has never had any such requirement, yet people think they have to re-take the exam every three years. Thankfully, that’s not true!

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