CBAP Can Lead to Job Promotions

Rich here again. In working with CBAP (and now CCBA) candidates, I run across people with a variety of motivations for getting their credential. Some people get certified for recognition, others want it for the personal satisfaction or increased stature it brings. And, we all would not mind if the CBAP lead to extra income, and the IIBA has released a study showing that CBAPs earn higher salaries.

In a conversation with a CBAP candidate last week I found out AXA Equitable Insurance recognizes the CBAP as an element in deciding on promotions. She said “For me, it is a critical factor to being promoted in my company. It is a critical step needed for me to move from Senior to Lead BA in a mature BA practicing company.”

People, this is powerful stuff. AXA is on the forefront of the industry by using the CBAP as a measure of progress towards BA excellence. If they see the CBAP as a requirement for getting a promotion, will your company be far behind?

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