5 Steps to CBAP or CCBA Re-Certification

568998_man at deskSo, you wanted to get your CBAP® or CCBA® certification, right? It is a significant accomplishment, to be sure. As soon as you achieve it, though, you will face a new challenge: maintaining it! Every three years, you must earn 60 CDUs (Continuing Development Units) to keep your certification active. And, as you might expect, the IIBA has another challenging application for you to complete. Just when you thought the CBAP and CCBA applications were behind you!

Here are some basic facts about re-certification:

• Your CBAP or CCBA status must be renewed every 3 years from the anniversary date of earning your initial credential.

• You need 60 CDUs every three years to re-certify. There are limits to the numbers of CDUs per category, so you must have CDUs from at least two categories.

• IIBA will notify you by email approximately 3 months in advance of your anniversary. You can download the necessary handbook, application, and reporting form.

Here are the steps to follow for re-certification, along with a little advice:

1. Document your BA experience, professional activities and training, and any volunteer work. It will be easy if you were diligent about recording your CDUs as you earn them, which is what I suggest. I did this only for some of my activities, and spent many hours assembling the missing data to complete my application. I learned the hard way and have already created a spreadsheet and have begun tracking all my CDUs for my next cycle!

2. Get the CBAP or CCBA Re-Certification Handbook, Re-certification Application Form, and CDU Reporting Form off the IIBA web site, iiba.org.  The handbook lists examples of and the maximum CDUs you can claim in a 3-year period for each of the following six categories (current as of 2014):

Category   CDU Activity / Max per 3 Year Cycle

1                 Formal Academic Education  /  30 CDUs

2                 Professional Development  /  30 CDUs

3                 Professional Activities  /  30 CDUs

4                 Self Directed Learning  /  15 CDUs

5                 Volunteer Service  /  30 CDUs

6                 Professional Experience  /  25 CDUs

3. Complete the applicable CDU Reporting Form (most time-consuming). The IIBA will carefully review each item you submit, so be detailed and thorough. Make sure you assemble any corresponding documentation, such as class certificates to support your application. (Note: all Watermark Learning BA classes are EEP-(Endorsed Education Provider) approved, which makes life easier. Save the CDU forms we provide with every training class, or contact us to get the EEP number for any course.) As an example, I had 21 CDUs in category two, way more than 30 CDUs in category three, 16 in category four, and many more than 30 CDUs in category five. I submitted everything, even though I had enough in only two of the categories.

4. Complete and sign the Application Form. The form is self-explanatory so no advice needed here. Include a check for the fee (as of this writing the fees were: $85.00 USD (IIBA-members) or $120.00 USD for non-members).

5. Mail the forms along with your fee. I sent my first re-cert packet certified mail to make sure it was received, and the 2nd by UPS. IIBA says your CBAP or CCBA status will lapse if they don’t receive your re-certification forms post-marked by your anniversary date. The same is true if you forget to send in your fee.

Then you wait, for up to 90 days to hear whether IIBA has approved your application. We all hope this timeframe will be shortened as more people re-certify.

Foolproof Plan for Passing the CBAP

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13 thoughts on “5 Steps to CBAP or CCBA Re-Certification

  1. Glad you found the post helpful. @LiveTransfers, I saw the Glen-Garry movie, but don’t recall the speech. I’ll have to check it out again!

  2. Hello,

    This is Shankar. I have seen your blog regarding CBAP receritifcation details. I have attained CBAP certification in Feb 2012. I have received certificate expiry details from IIBA last week to apply for renewal. I have not collected/documented any CDUs so far as I involved completely in BA Project work these years, could you please help me how to attain 60 CDUs in order to renew my CBAP certification?

    Any help would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance!!


    • In addition to what Santi said, there are a number of ways to earn your 60 CDUs for re-certification.
      * One way is to take BA training as she mentioned. You can earn a maximum of 30 CDUs this way.
      * Professional activities such as writing articles, giving presentations, and developing BA training can earn up to a max of 30 more.
      * Self-directed learning can get you up to 15 more. The IIBA describes this as: “Such activities may include informal discussions or coaching sessions with co-workers, clients, or consultants. It may include study of books, how-to manuals, Internet resources or other instructional resources.”
      * Volunteer service, such as being an IIBA volunteer, will allow up to 30 CDUs.
      * BA work can qualify for up to 25 CDUs. (This one sounds easy for you if you’re busy doing BA work!)

      Hope this helps. Visit the IIBA for more details: http://www.iiba.org/Certification-Recognition/CBAP-Designation/cbap-recertification.aspx.

      • Hi Richard,

        Can you please elaborate a little bit on these categories?
        How is category 1 & 2 and 3 & 6 different?
        How do they measure the CDU’s for professional experience? I assume this to be project work we do as BA’s.

        • Hi Meenakshi, thanks for your question. First, make sure you go to the IIBA site and download their re-cert handbook: http://www.iiba.org/Certification-Recognition/CBAP-Designation/cbap-recertification.aspx.

          –Category 1 is formal academic education, such as degree programs in business analysis. Category 2 includes all manner of BA training classes, typically from EEP training providers.
          –Category 3 are professional activities in the “give back to the profession” vein. This includes books, articles, and presentations on business analysis. Category 6 is for BA practitioner work you do on projects.
          –Category 6 allows you to claim 5 CDUs for every 1000 hours of BA experience.

          Hope this helps.

    • Hi Kim, they are different. CEUs are Continuing Education Units, and are broad-based measures of contact hours spent in training. (Each training hour provides .1 of a CEU). Many employers use them for tuition reimbursement programs and are recognized independent of a specific industry or profession. CDUs are Continuing Development Units assigned by IIBA and are profession-specific to Business Analysis. CDUs have various categories, the most common of which are training hours spent in BA-related classes like Watermark provides. Each hour in training equals 1 CDU.

  3. Hi, I received my CBAP certification in August, 2015. I have taken a course from Watermark after my certification that qualifies for 12 pdu. I am thinking of attending a BBC conference in 2017. How many CDU points do you get for attending this conference?

    • Hi Angela, I’m glad you got your CBAP and happy our training helped you get some CDUs for re-certification. Do you plan on attending the pre-conference tutorials? That makes a difference. If you attend them and all the plenary sessions, they say it qualifies for up to 28 CDUs. Excluding the tutorials, that leaves 16-20 CDUs for the main conference. Don’t forget about maximum CDUs per category. The conference sessions are category 2D activities, and you can have a maximum of 30 Category 2 CDUs per cycle. The training course you took from us is a category 2A, so those 12 hours plus 18 CDUs would put you right at 30. Of course, I always advise people to be aware of the various CDU limits, but don’t let them stop you from doing the activities you want.

      Hope this helps, and hope to see you at BBC 2016!

  4. Hi, I am supposed to get myself recertified in CBAP in few months. My question is I recently passed PMP, can I use the watermark PMP boot camp training hours as CDU for CBAP recertification? If Yes, how many CDUs?. Thanks in advance. Regards,

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