Top Five Reasons to Get your CBAP (or CCBA)

CBAP_CCBA_ExamsThere are many reasons to obtain your CBAP or CCBA credential. I’ve given this considerable thought and talked to numerous people about it over the years. There is considerable work in the preparation for it and more than a bit of stress in achieving it. Here are the top five reasons in my opinion for getting your certification, in reverse order.

5. Obtain Better Assignments. I hear more and more stories from CBAPs who tell me about getting more satisfying and higher-profile assignments once they have obtained their CBAP. The numbers this has happened to are split fairly evenly between internal employees and external consultants. For an interesting perspective of one consultant, Brian Hunt, and what the CBAP has meant to him, see his article How CBAP® Helps You Become a Better Consultant.

4. Obtain Greater Earning Potential. The IIBA has released a survey that shows CBAPs earn 10% higher salaries on average than non-CBAPs. See the article on the IIBA website. The same differential has been true in project management for years, with PMPs earning higher salaries on average than non-PMPs. It doesn’t surprise me that CBAPs can earn higher salaries than non-CBAPs.

3. Learn New Things and Increase Your Confidence. Every CBAP candidate has learned valuable things when preparing and studying for the CBAP exam. Depending on your background, the amount you learn can range from moderate to substantial. The BABOK® Guide contains knowledge and techniques used throughout that industry, and I guarantee you that no BA knows it all or has used everything in the BABOK®. There were several things I learned when I studied for my own CBAP, and I feel more confident as a result.

2. Show a Professional Level of Competence. Getting certified shows you have the knowledge necessary to be an effective business analyst. The CBAP exam has several questions that require you to apply your knowledge to solving situational or scenario-based questions.

1. Demonstrate Commitment. According to a panel of CIOs, the thing they value most about the CBAP is that is demonstrates a commitment to the BA profession. When they hire or promote BAs, the CBAP credential tells them that the person who attained it is dedicated to business analysis and demonstrates initiative. Those intangibles, particularly when combined with good communication and analytical skills, shows a person who is an outstanding BA. That combination can make a big difference in your career, whether it’s a promotion or new job you are seeking.

No doubt, you will have your own unique motivations for getting your CBAP or CCBA credential. But, one thing is for certain: you will discover some or all of the above benefits for doing so.

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