Masters Certificate in Leadership & Influencing from Watermark Learning and Auburn University

Through this program, you will:

  • Influence good business decisions by analyzing and creating a solid business case.
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts among stakeholders.
  • Become a critical thinker who questions information, conclusions, and points of view.
  • Learn the skills, tips, and tricks of successful influencers so you can influence even when you don't have the authority.
  • Develop the tools and a practical, rapid methodology for transforming an organization at 3 levels: Individual, Team, and Organization.

Our Masters Certificate in Leadership & Influencing is comprised Auburn Universityof five core courses that progressively build your expertise. After receiving certification, our academic participants will have the skills to effectively lead and influence the stakeholders, the business, and the project. Our programs are methodology-neutral, affording you the opportunity to apply your skill set across a variety of organizations.

CEU fees are included in the cost of each class. The five classes provide a significant discount when taken together for the Certificate Program.

Required Courses
Bulletproof Business Cases
2 days—14 PDUs, 14 CDUs, 1.4 CEUs
Conflict Management: The Art and Science
2 days—14 PDUs, 14 CDUs, 1.4 CEUs
Critical Thinking Skills for Today's Problem Solvers
2 days—14 PDUs, 14 CDUs, 1.4 CEUs
Influencing Without Authority
2 days—14 PDUs, 14 CDUs, 1.4 CEUs
Organizational Change Management
2 days—14 PDUs, 1.4 CEUs

Our certificate program is currently only available for private onsite clients. The image below shows one client's experience. We'll work with you to develop a plan.

Student ExampleStudent Experience

Contact us to learn more. If you are already a student of Watermark Learning, and wish to inquire on your program status, drop us an email at