A Highly Visual Study Aid and Reference Tool

BABOK Study Tables v3.0

Our BABOK Study Tables give you an overview of the BABOK® Guide v3 in a comprehensive and detailed, yet highly visual package. If you are studying for the CBAP® Certified Business Analysis Professional or CCBA® Certified Competency in Business Analysis Preparation, these study tables are a must. These colorful robust tables are designed for independent study or for use with study groups or training classes. They also are a valuable aid on the job as a quick-reference resource.

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How our Study Tables will help you:

  • Drill on and memorize key concepts of the BABOK that will help you prepare for the CBAP or CCBA exam
  • Use as a quick reference when you need to access specific information from the BABOK – before and after your exam
  • Reinforce important material in a visual way from the BABOK and our CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 so you learn and retain the information

Special features:

  • Two Knowledge Area and Task cross-references
  • Color-coded for easy identification of Knowledge Areas and to aid in recall
  • For each BABOK task, see each task’s Description, Inputs, Elements, Techniques, Stakeholders, and Outputs, all on one page
  • For each of the 50 BABOK techniques, view the Technique’s definition, plus Elements, Advantages/Disadvantages, Usage, and Purpose - again, all on one page
  • For each of the task-specific techniques, get the Usage and Purpose
  • A Knowledge Area technique cross-reference to put the techniques in context and show where each is used

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"The BEST consolidated easy to read tables. This [v3.0] Study Table is a must have for all students taking the IIBA exams. Very easy to read and memorize."
—Amazon reviewer of our BABOK Study Tables

"I cleared the CBAP exam! The Watermark BABOK Study Tables was a great support to review & recollect the Tasks, Inputs, Elements, Techniques, Stakeholders, Outputs in a structured manner. Thanks a lot for making it happen!"
—Preetha Ramakumar, CBAP (India)

"Your (online study exam and study tables) helped me prepare for the IIBA CBAP actual exam. I spent time and money on other preparatory materials but none was as good as Watermark's."
—Rabi Egunjobi, PMP, CBAP, Shell Oil Company (Houston, TX)