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Read what these successful CBAP® candidates have to say about the Watermark Learning CBAP certification products. Just think how you will feel after you pass your CBAP exam.
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CBAP Certification Prep Course

Joy Beatty, CBAP

"While preparing for my CBAP exam, I needed course credits, so I opted to take the Watermark CBAP prep course. I was worried the exam would be challenging given my lack of test-taking capabilities – but this class and the Watermark prep book were exactly what I needed to feel prepared! And it worked!"
—Joy Beatty, CBAP, Seilevel (United States)

Milton Jiang, CBAP

"Watermark Learning provided a wealth of information about preparing for the CBAP. Along with the Study Guide and the Online Practice Exams, the CBAP Exam Preparation Course was vital to the ensuring that I create a plan, study and successfully pass the CBAP exam. I am now a CBAP and I would strongly recommend Watermark Learning products to anyone preparing for the certification exam."
—Milton Jiang, CBAP (Canada)

Ericka Fisher, MBA, PMP, CBAP

“I passed the CBAP exam and it was such a relief to have that off my plate! The sheet from class with all of the mnemonics listed per KA is very helpful for on-the-go studying. Also, the watermark exam simulations and drills are the best at helping you prepare for the exam.  I found nothing else that compared.”
—Ericka Fisher, MBA, PMP, CBAP (United States)
Chevron Corporation

Julie Durrant, CBAP

"I passed the CBAP exam! Watermark Learning’s resources significantly helped me navigate the path to certification: your webinars, the CBAP Application worksheet, Audio Flashcards, practice exams, and the CBAP Certification Preparation course."
—Julie Durrant, CBAP (United States)

Tony Black, CBAP

"I passed my CBAP exam!  Your training and CBAP materials were a key component to my successful exam.  The online practice exams made the critical difference when preparing for the CBAP exam.  Also, the CBAP Study Guide was the perfect BABOK® companion, filling in gaps and making the concepts easy to understand. In addition to myself, many senior BAs in my organization have passed the CBAP exam after taking your exam prep course, and we continue to utilize the training and tools in everyday work and mentorship of junior BAs."
—Tony Black, CBAP, US Bank (United States)

Ramya Popuri, CBAP

"I work as a systems analyst and was planning to get certified in business analysis for quite some time. That's when I saw in several forums that Watermark Learning has the best material for CBAP. I used CBAP virtual Anytime Learning, CBAP Study Guide, and the Online Exam Simulator. The materials were very thorough and easy to follow. I was able to clear CBAP with ease and I would definitely say that Watermark Learning has a huge role in that. Thank you Watermark!" 
—Ramya Popuri, CBAP (United States)

Kathy Reed, CBAP

"I passed the CBAP! The class was incredibly helpful! The practice exams helped a lot. I feel that (the instructor) was able to translate the BABOK® into English for me."
—Kathy Reed, CBAP (United States)

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CBAP Certification Study Guide

Chinyere Paul, CBAP

"After extensive use of the CBAP study guide and the online study exam, I sat for the CBAP exams and passed at a sitting. Thank you Watermark!"
—Chinyere Paul, CBAP, PCGI Consulting Services (Canada)

Tanmoy Banerjee, CBAP

"I appeared for the exam yesterday and passed it, but I guess it was taking Watermark Learning's practice exams that helped me more. I have also used the CBAP Certification Study Guide and found it very useful to review key concepts outlined in the BABOK. The guide has tips on successfully passing what is definitely a challenging exam, which I found very useful."
—Tanmoy Banerjee, CBAP (United States)

Matt Smith, PMP, CBAP

“Great News - took the CBAP test this afternoon and passed!!!! I very much relied on the Watermark study guide. It is well written, comprehensive, complete and most impressively, functional!! I passed this test and can attribute the success to the study material, simulated tests, and work experience. I took 31 of your simulations (1,862 questions). Thanks for all the help from Watermark!”
—Matthew F Smith, PMP, CBAP, SSBB (United States)

Folorunso Agunbiade, CBAP

"I passed the CBAP exam at one sitting on 9th March 2015 at Accra. I purchased your CBAP exam preparation book and read it a number of times. The questions helped in understanding how questions are structured and the expectation from the candidate in identifying the correct answers. Thanks to Watermark."
Folorunso Agunbiade, CBAP, Manager, Project Management Office, Deloitte (Nigeria)

Mohammed Maher, CBAP

"Really one of the best CBAP Study Guides in the market. Thanks to Watermark Learning I have passed my CBAP exam from the 1st attempt. I also used your online exams tool - very close to the real exam. This tool helped me in wrapping up all the syllabus. Thanks again - highly recommended!"
—Mohammed Maher, CBAP (Qatar)

Preetha Ramakumar, CBAP

"I cleared CBAP exam! Though I tried to read BABOK multiple times, nothing was getting to my mind till I started using the CBAP Certification Study Guide and the Online Study Exam. The mnemonics to remember each Knowledge area concepts opened up a structured approach to read BABOK. In fact I too started building up my own mnemonics to remember the concepts. The exam tips given in the Study Guide made a huge difference during my exam. Thanks a lot for making it happen!"
Preetha Ramakumar, CBAP (India)

John Rauterberg, CBAP

“Just a note of thanks for the excellent learning material provided by Watermark Learning. The Guide and Practice Exams made the difference in helping maintain focus and forcing me to compete with myself. I passed the CBAP Exam a few hours ago. Thanks very much!”
—John Rauterberg, CBAP (Canada)

Eve M. McGivern, CBAP

“I purchased both your study guide and 30 days of the CBAP online exam prep. I wanted to say how very helpful each was in passing the CBAP exam. The book provided excellent learning techniques, including the types of questions and pitfalls to expect on the exam, test-taking strategies, and key points to remember. The online exam prep provided the ability for a user to focus in on 'problem' areas for deeper study, with the flexibility of a simulated exam, or instant feedback after each question (including an explanation for the answer, and where to reference in the BABOK). I passed the exam on the first try, and your exam prep definitely assists in thinking about how to answer the questions on the exam.

On a related note, I had the opportunity to talk to the staff at Watermark Learning and they were very professional and courteous, and went out of their way to offer assistance towards helping pass the exam. I would not hesitate to recommend them for your exam preparation efforts.”
—Eve M. McGivern, CBAP (United States)

A CBAP in Connecticut

"Got the book and read it 3 times, as well as the BABOK. The authors supplemented the BABOK very well and explained/cleared up some areas better. There is a Glossary of CBAP terms and practice questions. The authors also did a great job on explaining the tools a BA can use and where they are applied within the knowledge areas and tasks. I passed the exam on my first try! Thank you!"
A CBAP in Connecticut, United States (Amazon reviewer)

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CBAP Online Study Exam

Vijay Kumar Kanamarlapudi, CBAP, PAHM

"I purchased CBAP Online Study Exam and was confident to perform well. The Online Study Exam questions helped me in managing time, reasoning, and eliminating the wrong answers. This tool helps you prepare for the exam, and I would recommend it to BAs who want to crack the CBAP Exam!”
—Vijay Kumar Kanamarlapudi, CBAP, PAHM (United States)

Dagmar Cole, CBAP

"I had other practice exams but was frustrated when presented with the "correct" answer, trying to understand, "why is this correct and the others not"?   The Watermark practice exam does not just provide the correct answer, but the logic behind the correct answer selection. I thought the CBAP was easier than the Watermark exam, and passed on the first attempt.  Thank you Watermark!"
—Dagmar Cole, CBAP (United States)

Partha Mishra, CBAP

"The Online Study Exam from Watermark has been a great help in preparing and helping me to clear the CBAP exam in the first attempt. In all, I attempted around 2000 questions and more in the simulated exams, chapter wise drills, and warmups. Yes, some questions would repeat and the key is to learn and relearn. The explanations for wrong answers are very helpful and aligned with the BABOK, unlike many other floating around. When I started off with the exam simulations, the percentages were way off the desired standards and steadily improved. The last few days before the exam I used to average between 80 to 90 percent and that gave me a lot of confidence for the real one. Thanks again Watermark for providing this product which has been a great help."
—Partha Mishra, CBAP, First Gulf Bank (United Arab Emirates)

Onyinye Emmanuel Ohagwu, B.Eng, CBAP, ITIL, MCP

"I sat for my CBAP exam and passed at one sitting. Many thanks to Watermark Learning. I first enrolled for a Business Analysis course but my friends could not stop talking about Watermark Learning practice questions. I researched extensively on the internet and the story remained positive, and then, I decided to subscribe. I practiced extensively until I started scoring 90 and above. I went for the exam and passed at one sitting. Thank you and keep up the good job!"
—Onyinye Emmanuel Ohagwu, B.Eng, CBAP, ITIL, MCP (Canada)

Tarun Agarwal, CBAP

"I am super happy to share that I passed my CBAP exam in my first attempt last Friday. I used Watermark's online study exams and found them very useful in getting familiar with the format of the exam. The questions in the Watermark question bank are a close approximation of the actual exam, and the explanations given to choose the right answer really help in understanding the tricks required to pass the exam. I highly recommend Watermark to anyone who is serious about gaining the CBAP designation."
—Tarun Agarwal, CBAP (Canada)

Darren Brown, CBAP, PMP

"I would most certainly recommend a subscription to the Watermark Learning site to anyone writing the CBAP. In my experience, exam simulations are a must before sitting for an exam of this nature and I found the Watermark simulations to be a very realistic measure of whether or not you are ready for the 'real thing'."
—Darren Brown, CBAP, PMP (Canada)

Martin Russell, CBAP

"I recently took and passed the CBAP exam. The Watermark drills and simulation exams were a great help in focusing my learning and giving me a goal to reach so that I could feel more comfortable about taking the exam. I’ve looked at a few practice exam sites, but I think Watermark offers the highest quality with a big variety of questions whose answers have very helpful explanations."
—Martin Russell, CBAP (Switzerland)

Sweety Jhawar, CBAP

"I cleared the test; the exam simulation really helped me tremendously in clearing the test and getting prepared for it. I am so glad that I registered for Watermark Learning's CBAP online exam."
—Sweety Jhawar, CBAP (United States)

Katie Metcalfe, CBAP

"I passed my CBAP examination today and used Watermark's database of practice questions. The CBAP Online Study Exam really helped get me ready!"
—Katie Metcalfe, CBAP (Canada)

Lata Gupta, CBAP

"I am so excited to share the good news that I have passed the CBAP certification successfully and am a CBAP now...Hurray! Many thanks to Watermark Learning for the CBAP Guide and Online Exam tool with the great question bank, which was definitely the driver of my success. Thanks once again...Watermark is Great."
—Lata Gupta, CBAP, Capital One, Inc. (United States)

Kathy Bieltz, PMP, CBAP

"I'm pleased to announce I passed the CBAP exam recently! There were some questions for which the answer could not be deduced from the question. By being able to eliminate made-up terms you are able to select the 'Correct' answer. The Watermark Online test has similar questions and was very helpful in learning how to find the correct answer using CBAP test logic."
—Kathy Bieltz, Senior Consultant, PMP, CBAP (United States)

Philip Wood, CBAP

“I officially became a CBAP last week and I must admit your exam played a large part in that process. Don’t get me wrong, I was also well prepared, but your exam tool without doubt is the best exam resource currently available. I have not seen anything else that gives you the same confidence when sitting for the exam, or provides comprehensive rationale as to the question answers.”
—Philip Wood, CBAP (Australia)

Swapnil Patil, CBAP

"I am now a Certified Business Analysis Professional, and Watermark's CBAP Online Study Exam has helped me to achieve this designation. Starting with drills, I completed around 5 sessions for each knowledge area, and then I moved to Simulation. Completing 8 Simluations, I was able to get 93% in the last session, which increased my confidence. I was able to complete the entire exam of 150 questions in 2.5 hours! I have highly endorsed this course to all my BA colleagues for easy achievement."
—Swapnil Patil, CBAP (India)

Morgan Lee, CBAP

“Thank you for your CBAP online study exam!  I first took the assessment quiz, then I went through each section, and finally I did the full practice exam. My initial results were not that great, but the areas that I was weak in, as indicated by your exam, I was able to study using the BABOK. Today I took the CBAP exam and passed! I owe a great deal of my success to your online study exam.
—Morgan Lee, CBAP, Plato Consulting Inc. (Canada) 

Tatiana Sergueeva, CBAP

"I found this excellent tool for exam preparation. I decided to use this tool from someone's advice I found online. I followed all advises were given to me such as using drills after every chapter, warm up, then simulation exams. I did all practices until my grades were over 90%. I used this tool for 5 weeks practicing almost every day and finally passed CBAP exam last week. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful tool for CBAP exam preparation."
—Tatiana Sergueeva, CBAP (Canada)

Suzanne Gaffey, CBAP

“I used the Watermark online practice exams to prepare for my CBAP certification. This resource was extremely helpful and worth every cent. I would highly recommend the use of this tool in preparing for the exam. It would have been difficult for me to sit the exam and pass without the tool.”
—Suzanne Gaffey, CBAP (Australia)

Ismayil Feyzullayev, CBAP

"I've been reading from absolutely different sources and forums about the effectiveness of Watermark Learning study tools, mentioning that Watermark tools are the most similar to real exams. It was proved once I subscribed to CBAP online study exam. This tool gives a wide choice of questions from different knowledge areas with explanation and link to the source in BABOK."
—Ismayil Feyzullayev, CBAP (Azerbaijan)

Steve Horvath, CBAP, PMP

“I passed the CBAP Exam this morning! Your Online Study Exam provided a unique level of preparation that I needed to feel comfortable with approaching the actual exam questions. The analysis, the wording, the tricks, etc., in your exam were crucial for helping me understand what to expect - and it paid off!
—Steve Horvath, CBAP, PMP, C3 Consulting (United States)

Sonal Patel , M.Eng., CBAP

"I am thrilled at passing my CBAP exam!! Watermark Learning’s online study exam simulator with the 'drill section' of each Knowledge area assisted me to have an in-depth review of the BABOK. Each of my in-correct answers were referenced to BABOK® sections (page wise). The type of questions in my [actual] exam were of same level as Watermark Learning’s. I highly endorse the Watermark Learning - CBAP online study exam!!!!"
—Sonal Patel , M.Eng., CBAP (Canada)

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Ljubica Davcevski, CBAP

“I passed the CBAP on Aug. 16. My brain still hurts! I had 20 days and preparation tests purchased from 2 companies, one of them being Watermark Learning. Comparing to the other company, Watermark tests were more helpful because: 1) the format of your exams (internet, interactive, real exam simulation), 2) the questions were more tricky, therefore closer in style to the CBAP test itself, 3) there are more questions, and 4) the answers refer to the BABOK.

I spent about 150 hours preparing for the exam. After reading each BABOK chapter, I completed 2-3 drill tests from the Watermark exam. I completed one Watermark warm-up test, and one exam simulation test (there was no time and energy for more). The time was really tight for me, and I wouldn’t have passed the CBAP without your practice tests.”
—Ljubica Davcevski, CBAP (Canada)

Ritesh Soni, CBAP, CSM

"I sat for my CBAP exam and passed at one sitting, I owe much of it to Watermark Learning. Watermark Learning’s online study exam simulator with the 'drill section' of each Knowledge area assisted me to have an in-depth review of the BABOK®. Each of my incorrect answers were referenced to BABOK sections (page wise). Along with a wide choice of questions from different knowledge areas with explanation and link to the source in BABOK really helped. The study guide and the online practice exams helped me understand the relationships between all those tasks, techniques, and elements. I highly endorse and recommend the Watermark Learning - CBAP online study exam!!!! Thank you and keep up the good job!"
—Ritesh Soni, CBAP, CSM (India)

Gabriela Tulcan, CBAP

“After doing some research on available tools on the market, I chose the Watermark Learning CBAP Online Study Exam for the final preparation before the exam. The Study Drill section was a very effective tool to wrap up all the learning, assess my knowledge of each KA of the BABOK and find the gaps. It pointed me back to the exact BABOK paragraph, for which I needed to deepen my knowledge. I then used Exam Simulation to get myself familiar with the examination technique. It was critical to get used to the question style, the terminology, and the time to stay focused. And in the end, it gave me the confidence to say to myself, “I am ready to take the CBAP Exam”. And, now I passed and I am a CBAP!”
—Gabriela Tulcan, CBAP (Canada)

Julia Hamilton, CBAP

“Watermark Learning's CBAP online practice exam was exactly what I needed to ensure that I was prepared for the CBAP exam. Upon completing a practice exam, it showed me my overall score with a breakdown by knowledge area. This breakdown showed me which sections of the BABOK I needed to reread. It also allowed me to tailor my practice test to cover the areas I needed to focus on. For me, reading the BABOK and taking Watermark Learning's practice exams worked really well.

I just passed the CBAP exam yesterday! The practice test was very similar to the real test, so I knew what to expect. Because I was scoring well on the practice tests, I had confidence going into the test center, which helped me relax. This same confidence also helped me get a good night's sleep the night before the test. Thank you, Watermark Learning, for making such a helpful practice test!”
—Julia Hamilton, CBAP (United States)

Kagisho Mabitle, CBAP

"Thank you, Watermark Learning, for playing a role in achieving my CBAP dream. I certainly would have not passed without the Watermark On-Line Practice Exams. Over 2,000 questions later, I walked into the exam room with maximum confidence. Needless to say, the exam had nothing on me!"
—Kagisho Mabitle, CBAP, Standard Corporate and Investment Bank (SCIB) (South Africa)

Philippe Campagnie, CBAP

“I am done! I passed CBAP exam yesterday. The Watermark on-line exam was really THE tool to help prepare for this exam. The "drill function" permits an in-depth review of the BABOK and helps highlighting some details that could otherwise have been passed over."
—Philippe Campagnie, CBAP, Metro Inc. (Canada)

Ajith Kulath, CBAP

“I've passed my CBAP test after so much hard work and with the help of the online study exam. The online study exam certainly helps to get an idea of the kind of questions you can expect on CBAP exam.  No matter how experienced you are in the profession or how well you study the BABOK, sample exams are inevitable for success. It is really an amazing effort from you and your team to simulate an exam as close as the CBAP.”
—Ajith Kulath, CBAP, Hewlett-Packard (Singapore)

Karen LeMay, CBAP Karen LeMay, CBAP

"I passed my CBAP yesterday and have recommended your online materials to co-workers. For highly motivated working Moms like me, the ability to do this when schedules allow is perfect. The quality of your CBAP product offering is excellent. The exam simulator provided a realistic, in-depth simulation of the exam. The tips, mnemonics, and cross-references were particularly helpful."
—Karen LeMay, CBAP (United States)

Tamar Duke-Cohan, CBAP

“Good news: I passed the CBAP exam! I found it quite difficult and the exam practice I took on your site was invaluable to me. Not only did it help me to improve my understanding of the material, but I also think it reflects the “vibe” of the exam very well. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to make use of it.”
—Tamar Duke-Cohan, CBAP (United States)

Keith Saddoris, CBAP

“I passed! I would say the practice testing with your online exam was a huge help to me. It really helped me look for tiny details or distractions in the questions and answers that were causing me to get the wrong answer even when I knew the material well. I have recommended your online exam to my other BA friends as well.”
—Keith Saddoris, CBAP (United States)

Ramesh Ramachandran, CBAP

“I am happy to inform you that I have passed the CBAP exam. The study exam provided by Watermark Learning was very useful and I felt I made the right decision in taking the exam from you. Initially, I was not sure if only Watermark Learning test simulations will be enough other than me studying the BABOK a couple of times, but after going through some BA blogs on the web, I was confident that the kind of questions in Watermark Learning will be sufficient. I wanted to thank your team for such useful test simulations that you have provided for CBAP aspirants and I am sure I would have not achieved this certification without Watermark Learning exams. I recommend Watermark tests strongly for anyone aspiring for CBAP.”
—Ramesh Ramachandran, CBAP, CGI (Canada)

Michael Schneiderman, CBAP

“I took the exam today and passed, thanks! I used your CBAP manual, the loose leaf version, combined with the exam simulation. Overall, this was good method to study and seemed realistic to the actual exam.  I appreciate your efforts to create this material and I am encouraging my team to use the same approach.”
—Michael Schneiderman, CBAP, AXA-Equitable (United States)

Faraz Siddiqui, CBAP

“I feel very proud to inform you that I have passed my CBAP exam! Your study guide and online study questions helped me a lot and I must say that you have done a remarkable job to help CBAP students. After practicing these online questions, I was able to complete my CBAP exam with confidence. These practice questions made me focus and learn from all aspects of all knowledge areas and tasks.”
—Faraz Siddiqui, CBAP (Canada)

Senthilnathan Sundaram, CBAP

“The CBAP Online Study Exam from Watermark Learning lives up to and beyond everything I had expected. The exam simulations, test drills and questions are methodically grouped and cover all knowledge areas of the BABOK. The simulations helped me hone my skills to decipher the question and pick the right answers, in a very clear and understandable way. The explanations for incorrect answers with logical reasoning were extremely valuable. After using every single one of your exam simulations, the 'surprise' factor in the real CBAP exam was no longer there. I was able to take the exam without any nervousness and passed it successfully. Thanks! “
—Senthilnathan Sundaram, CBAP, Apex Systems Inc. (United States)

Meera Madhusudhan, CBAP

“Your Online Study Exam was very, very helpful. I was extremely happy with the material and did a crash course of study with iterations of taking simulated exams from your website. It helped me prepare and pass the exam with much less effort than if I did it on my own. I recommend your site to all those aspiring to get professional certifications!
—Meera Madhusudhan, CBAP, Credit-Suisse (United States)

Ferdinand Martin, CBAP

"I used your online training to effectively prepare and secure my CBAP designation. The drills made me focus on my weak areas and after several rounds of preparations, the actual CBAP exam seemed easier. Thanks again and great job!"
—Ferdinand Martin, CBAP, Rogers Communication, Inc. (Canada)

Mei Zhang, CBAP

“I want to let you know I passed the CBAP exam yesterday! Thank you for providing the online exams, it was certainly helpful!”
—Mei Zhang, CBAP (United States)

Harpreet Singh, CBAP

“I appeared for the CBAP exam and after completing and submitting it I got a message on the screen: "IIBA CBAP Exam Passed - Congratulations!" I wanted to thank Watermark Learning for the guidance, support and resources provided to me. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions and information you provided. I could not have asked for better.”
—Harpreet Singh, CBAP (Canada)

Laura Case, CBAP

The exam felt easy after using your tool. I have recommended it to my company for others studying for the exam. Thank you! Loved it!
—Laura Case, CBAP, CCC Information Services (United States)

Ken Boyer, CBAP

“I am certified as of today! I found the test quite easy after all my preparation. I purchased your study guide, CD, and online practice questions. The practice questions were immensely helpful to help prepare me for the real ones.”
—Ken Boyer, CBAP, PepsiCo (United States)

Cevat Ikibas, CBAP

“I took the CBAP exam and passed! Your online exam study tool helped me a lot and your questions were similar to the real exam. All your study tools provide a vision and logic on how to approach the questions while answering. Your feedback on wrong answers helped me a lot on this. Thank you for your help, and I think your exam study set is the best in this area.”
—Cevat Ikibas, CBAP (Turkey)

Hanna Mironchyk, CBAP

“I found your exam simulator very useful for my preparation, and what I valued most were the clear references to BABOK sections. This was extremely useful and professionally made and speeded up my preparation.”
—Hanna Mironchyk, CBAP, SecondFloor (Netherlands)

Florence L., CBAP

"Watermark Learning helped a lot in passing the CBAP. I decided to use the Online Study Exam after the 5-day trial that I got from buying the CBAP Certification Study Guide. All your tools are very helpful. The book helped me in memorizing the KA and the tasks for each KA. The online tool exam is nothing but EXTRAORDINARY! I enjoyed the fact that I was able to use it on different devices. No restrictions! I answered over 2500 questions during one month. The goal was not to obtain a grade over 90 percent but to have the explanations. I took drill questions after each KA. This gave me confidence and strategies to eliminate wrong answers."
—Florence L., CBAP (Canada)

LD Stewart, CBAP

"I just want to say thank you for your product! I was confident in my knowledge of the content for the exam but was not sure I could prove that knowledge. The Watermark Online Study Exam helped me understand how the exam questions were presented and the logic of what they were looking for in reference to the best answer. So thank you, Watermark - you were on the mark with how the exam questions are presented. I PASSED the 1st go round!"
—LD Stewart, CBAP (United States)


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