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BeeHello all – BobtheBA here and I am just waiting to get my next inspired idea and I am confident it won’t be long until I do! Why is that? Well, I have been making it a practice to look for and find inspiration in all of the smallest things around me. I often feel that I do not have to look for inspiration – it will find me. Call me a cock-eyed optimist but I really believe that my glass half-full mentality coupled with a daily dose of inspiration are the things that make me a better Business Analyst, trainer, mentor, coach and hopefully a better person in general. I look for inspiration to make my job better, easier, to provide me balance in life and work and to go beyond the status quo. When I find inspiration I feel calm, at peace and just more… me. I have been inspired a lot lately which includes being inspired by: best friends, colleagues, dogs, bees, movies, reality TV, paint samples, Korean food, architecture (a prison), IKEA and spelling mistakes!

So how have I been inspired lately? Recently, I was inspired by my colleague (who is a beekeeper in her spare time) who demonstrated how bees see things differently than we do. Bees see a greater spectrum of light than humans do. Imagine seeing everything under an ultraviolet light and you will get an idea of what bees see. This allows the bees to hone in on the best parts of the flower almost like seeing a landing strip straight to the pollen. So for the last two weeks I have been constantly putting on my proverbial “bee glasses” trying to see things in a different light. I want to notice more, soak up the colors, hone in on life’s landing strip.

I was wearing my “bee glasses” watching my students go through an exercise in class (Business Analysis Fundamentals) when I noticed a spelling mistake of “illicit requirements” (this is used with permission of my student of course). Now we always say that “spelling does not count” in class because we move fast and furious in training so I was unconcerned and knew what the student meant. However, with my new “bee glasses” on I did not summarily dismiss what I saw and instead was suddenly inspired by the potential message of what “illicit requirements” are and the story that could be told. What is that story you ask? Well that story will be told in next month’s blog so tune in to find out!

So are you getting any inspiration yet? You might be saying “Hey BobtheBA, I am not really the creative type so this get inspired message may not be for me”. No problem! Being creative is not a requirement. Life brings us so much information every day from everyone and everything around you. All you need to do is just put on your “bee glasses” and be open to the things all around you. See the world in a whole new light – there truly is meaning in everything that we see. Without inspiration from a colleague and then from the bees I would have ignored “illicit requirements” which is a topic I am looking forward to explore with you. So put on your bee glasses because there is a whole new world out there for you to discover and get inspired from! What are you waiting for? I hear inspiration knocking on your door right now…

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