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PMI-ACP® Certification Practice Exam Benefits

The ORIGINAL Online Study Exam!

Surveys indicate that practice exam questions are one of the most effective techniques for helping pass the PMI-ACP exam. Increase your odds of passing, reduce exam anxiety, and save time with the most complete and realistic online PMI-ACP certification preparation tool in the market today.

The Watermark Learning PMI-ACP Certification Practice Exam includes:

PMI-ACP Certification

  • Over 400 realistic questions – including scenarios and knowledge-based questions.
  • 3 categories of exams: Warm-ups get you started and give feedback on weak and strong areas, Drills help focus on and study one Domain at a time, and Simulations give you realistic exam practice.
  • Randomized and Tracked – each exam randomly generates a batch of questions, which are tracked to reduce duplication. See exam summaries to monitor your progress and readiness to sit for your real exam.
  • Simulations provide unlimited 120-question practice tests that are timed and help you become familiar with the variety and distribution of questions you will see on your real exam.
  • Detailed feedback on every question – not only for the correct answer but also incorrect ones. Includes references, where applicable, for easy follow-up. Instant feedback for warm-ups/drills and after simulations.
  • Subscriptions allow instant 24/7 use of exams each day of your subscription.

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Hear what other Online Study Exam students have said...

Shweta Sharma, PMI-ACP, PMP, CBAP

"Watermark Learning exam module really helped me in preparing for my PMI-ACP exam. There were lot of areas where I was lacking preparation, and it helped me prepare in those areas. There were also a lot of things, which I didn’t study in Mike Griffith's book, that I learned by solving questions."
—Shweta Sharma, PMI-ACP, PMP, CBAP (United States)

Liz Moore, PMP, CBAP

"After successfully preparing for the CBAP exam using Watermark Learning’s study materials, I knew I needed to turn to them for my PMP preparation. I took a 3-month subscription to the PMP® Online Study Exam and made use of the various options within the simulator several times per week.

The Knowledge Area-specific drills after studying each KA really helped cement the concepts. The full exam simulations prepared me for rigor of persevering through a 200-question exam. The questions were challenging, and the feedback provided after each question was instrumental in helping me focus on my gaps and target the areas in which I was struggling.

The result was that I passed on the first try. Thank you Watermark Learning!"
—Liz Moore, PMP, CBAP (United States)

Ahmed Galal, CBAP

"I just passed my CBAP exam today on the second try. I put this real complement to Watermark as their online study exam helped me a lot to pass. Thanks and keep up good professional work."
—Ahmed Galal, CBAP (Australia)

Helena Gabrić, CCBA

"I passed my CCBA exam!! I attended the CCBA Certification Prep training, which was extremely helpful to outline the full scope of the BABOK and to give very helpful guidelines on key items that need to be understood. I read the BABOK twice. The Study Guide is a must have! It helped to define the level of concept details to study and had very useful quick tests and tasks to help remember details. The online drills and exams brought everything together and gave a good baseline to test my knowledge and restudy areas that were lacking. Also, the suggestions given to get through the exam on the day were invaluable. I plan to take the CBAP next year!"
—Helena Gabrić, CCBA (Croatia)

Abumehjan Mohamed, PMP, PMI-PBA, MBA

"The Online Study Exam tool paved me on the road toward success with the PMI-PBA exam. Without such tool, it would be a total mess on the real exam from my side. It's help me to strengthen the areas that I have weaknesses in in Business Analysis, spotting the areas where I should focus and pay more attention. I salute your efforts in creating such a valuable tool."
—Abumehjan Mohamed, PMP, PMI-PBA, MBA (Sudan)