PMP & CAPM Certification Training

PMP vs CAPM Certification

The primary difference between the PMP and the CAPM is that the CAPM demonstrates knowledge of project management processes and terminology, while the PMP demonstrates knowledge of how to apply project management best practices on projects.

The PMP credential is for experienced project managers who have a minimum of either three years of project management experience totaling at least 4500 hours (with college degree), or five years of project management experience totaling at least 7500 hours (if no college degree). In addition, all PMP candidates need 35 hours of project management education.

The CAPM credential is appropriate for newer PMs who don't yet qualify for the PMP but want a certification. Qualifications to take the CAPM exam include either 23 hours of project management education or 1500 hours of experience working on projects.

Four Steps for Getting Your PMP or CAPM Certification:

Step 1: Learn about PMP or CAPM and apply for the exam.


Step 2: Get started with your certification preparation.

Read the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (PMBOK Guide), 5th edition, PMI, 2013.

PMP Certification Boot Camp

PMP Online Study Exam

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the PMP or CAPM certification exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. It comes with a free 90-day subscription to our acclaimed PMP Online Study Exam for focused reinforcement and realistic practice after class.

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Step 3: Finalize your study and preparation. Quiz yourself using flashcards, review your notes from class, and take lots and lots of practice exams.

PMP Online Study Exam

PMP Online Study Exam

These self-paced programs adapt as you progress in your exam preparation. Contains Warm-Up exams to get started, a Drill section, and a full PMP exam simulator. Detailed feedback and summary results are provided. Plus, it's cloud based, so you can access it from any computer or device—anywhere!

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Step 4: Take the exam and earn your PMP or CAPM!

So far we’ve helped over 1100 project managers earn their PMP Credential. Will you be the next?


"I took the PMP Certification Boot Camp with Watermark Learning and thought it was fantastic.  My trainer was engaging and made the class a lot of fun. Her encouragement, along with the support of my classmates, was invaluable in helping me pass the PMP exam.

The class materials had relevant and absolutely up-to-date content. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and supportive. She gave us useful tips and guided us in focusing on the right information to study, all of which propelled me towards successful PMP certification.
Thanks to Watermark Learning, I was able to make PMP certification a reality and drive career success."
—Lizanne Cooper, PMP

"I was able to pass the PMP exam on my first attempt, due in large part to the PMP Exam Prep Course. I learn better at my own pace and don’t require the classroom experience; the Anytime Learning version was just what I needed. The videos, course books, and supplemental tools were very valuable, and the online testing tools ensured I was confident before the exam. Supplementing the course with other review materials and online questions can help provide reinforcement and additional perspectives, but the Watermark Learning course was clearly the key to my success."
—Don Zvareck, PMP

Robin Anderson, PMP

"The professionalism, knowledge, superior training tools and genuine interest in students - succeeds in setting Watermark Learning "above the competition". They use several approaches to learning, since everyone learns differently. They were a key part in prepping, mentoring and passing my PMP test - which directly increased my earning power."
Robin Anderson, PMP

"I passed the PMP exam this past November! I credit your prep class for my success with the exam. The instructor's PM knowledge and the study aids I received in class were extremely helpful. I have recommended your class to other colleagues."
–Mary Faust, PMP

"I passed my PMP! Thanks for the awesome job teaching the PMP exam prep class. I enjoyed the class more than I expected. You kept the pace moving with just the right mix of interactive time and practice tests. I finished the test with 40 minutes to spare. Thanks for all the study tips, encouraging me to take the class, and for doing such a good job teaching it."
–Jim Arneberg, PMP, Emerson Electric

“We are thrilled to have chosen Watermark Learning for our 2015 PMP Boot Camp training! Watermark worked with us as a true partner, from day one. They took the time to understand our business, our trainees, expectations and our past training experiences.  Watermark even scheduled time with our trainees well before the training date, to ensure our trainees were thoroughly prepared for the class. Our trainer is an industry expert when it comes to PMP.”
–Mark Auletta, Sr. Director, Client Implementation, Optum Shared Services

“The instructor was excellent. The material was presented in an engaging way with a focus on how to use it for the exam. The exercises were presented several times to allow for different learning styles and the supplemental handouts (the dry erase fill in board for the 47 processes and the flash cards for the processes, inputs, tools/techniques, and outputs) are a HUGE HELP.”
–PMP Boot Camp student

“The instructor did a great job of translating the "process and best practices" outlined in the PMBOK into project management scenarios. This was invaluable as the exam focuses on the application of the PMBOK in a scenario versus rote memorization of the material. I think that one of the ways the instructor accomplished this was by providing the same conceptual material from the PMBOK in a different form in the course material.”
–PMP Boot Camp student

"I sat for and successfully passed the PMP exam! As for what was most helpful, it truly was the Boot Camp class. While I did read several chapters of the PMBOK after taking the class, most helpful for me was to review all of the webinar recordings a second (and sometimes third) time. I did a few practice exams but literally only a few. Kudos to the instructor for such good curriculum, instruction, and doing a great job communicating what to expect, how to prepare and what not to focus on.” 
-Catherine Ford, PMP