Root Cause Analysis - 5 Essential Tools

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General Information

Length and Learning Modes: 3 hours, either in-person or virtually

Popular approaches to consulting and problem-solving come and go, but root cause analysis never goes out of style. It’s inevitable that your stakeholders will sometime need insight into what’s causing the business pain. Having a variety of approaches in your repertoire to facilitate the discussion will not only shed light on possible root causes, but you’ll engage stakeholders, promote ownership, and enhance perspective for more critical thinking and better problem solving.



Skill Level: Basic


Development Units:
PDUs: 3
CDUs: 3

Training Tapas include group discussion and focused, practical exercises to apply the skills learned in the course. Students should be prepared for a high level of interaction and have a real-life situation in mind for application of tools and techniques. Participants will receive a Tapas student guide and reference materials.


Five root cause analysis tools

Plusses and minuses of each approach

Experiment with root cause analysis tools


Watermark Learning constantly improves its course offerings to ensure the best training possible and to keep you abreast of the latest industry trends. As a result, this outline is subject to change.

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