CBAP Certification Training

4-Day Exam Prep Course • Based on BABOK® Guide 3rd Edition

CBAP Certification Training

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) exam and help you make the most of your study time. The course was designed, created, and is taught by expert CBAP® certified instructors who will help you focus on critical study areas and provide insights into the exam.

It is current with the framework of knowledge outlined by A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) version 3.0 and includes over 1,200 sample CBAP® exam questions to make you ready and know what to expect come test time. Additionally, you’ll learn test-taking tips and strategies, along with other practice exercises to reinforce the material.

This course conforms to and aligns with the BABOK® Guide version 3.0 of the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis).

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CBAP Boot Camp

With the purchase of any CBAP training course, you will receive:

  • Instructor-led course
  • Satisfied 35 contact hours required by IIBA®
  • 100% pass guarantee
  • Guaranteed to run on dates listed
  • Digital course materials, including:
    • CBAP/CCBA Certification Student Manual
    • BABOK® Study Tables
    • CBAP/CCBA training aids (study sheets and exam tips)
    • Over 1,200 CBAP exam prep sample questions
    • Access to additional web-based video lectures

Format Options

Choose a delivery format that fits your learning style.

Live Classroom
Virtual Classroom
Self-Paced Online
Self-Study Materials
Online Practice Exams
Live Classroom
Live CBAP Certification Training

Live CBAP Certification Training

Our live instructor-led courses are held at quality training facilities and hosted by one of our certified instructors.

In addition to the 4-day interactive training course, you will also receive:

  • Self-Paced VOD (6-Months Access)
  • Printed Version of Study Materials
  • Online Practice Exams (90-Day Subscription)

Live classroom courses are currently available in Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA.

Select a course from the schedule on the right, or view the entire Live Classroom schedule:
Virtual Classroom

Virtual CBAP Certification Training

Our virtual instructor-led courses are delivered via webinar hosted by one of our certified instructors.

We currently offer two flexible options:
4 consecutive days or a split week of 8 half-day sessions.

In addition to the interactive virtual training course, you will also receive:

  • Self-Paced VOD (6-Months Access)
  • Digital Version of Study Materials
  • Online Practice Exams (90-Day Subscription)

Virtual courses are currently available in the Central time zone, to accommodate students from across the country.

Weekday Option


4 Consecutive Days
8:30am - 6:00pm

Evening Option


8 Week Days
6:00pm - 10:30pm

Select a course from the schedule on the right, or view the entire Virtual Classroom schedule:
Self-Paced Online
Self-Paced Online CBAP Certification Training

Self-Paced Online CBAP Certification Training

This course is available as a Video-on-Demand (VOD) and is a great way to help you prepare for your certification exam.

Go at your own pace, thoroughly immerse yourself in the material, and even ask questions of an instructor via email as if you were attending a live class. After watching and reading each section, drill on practice questions. Re-watch videos as many times as you want and take any number of practice exams until your scores are 70-80% or more.

VODs are the ideal option for self-paced certification preparation!

Begin your training today, purchase the self-paced VOD:
Self-Study Materials

Self-Study Course Materials

For those interested in self-study, Watermark Learning has made each of the printed CBAP training materials available for purchase a la carte.

All materials are included with the purchase of a course.

Discounts can be provided for bulk orders. Contact us for details and pricing.

Self-Study Course Materials
View the course materials available for purchase:
Online Practice Exams

Online CBAP Practice Exams

Answering practice questions is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the CBAP certification exam. Our exam simulator has over 1,200 realistic questions - including case studies, scenarios, and knowledge-based questions.

A 90-day subscription to the exam simulator is included with the purchase of a course.

Online CBAP Practice Exams
Learn more about online CBAP practice exams:

Why Take This Course From Watermark Learning?

Below are just a few of the benefits that we believe make our CBAP certification training course offering the best in the industry:

  1. Increase your confidence and improve your chances of passing the CBAP® certification exam
  2. Streamline the massive amounts of information required to pass the test
  3. The small-class environment, group exercises, and hundreds of sample exam questions keep you engaged and aid in your retention and learning
  4. Learn from experts. The course is designed and taught by CBAP recipients with extensive knowledge of the BABOK® Guide, some of whom also contributed to its development
  5. Dedication. We have 7 CBAP recipients on staff, ready to help you pass the exam
  6. Trusted. Study with a firm that has helped thousands of people pass certification exam. We know how to combine learning with test preparation in an engaging way!
  7. Complete. Earn 35 PDUs, enough to apply for the CBAP® exam

We guarantee you will pass the CBAP exam if you follow our study advice and take the exam within 3 months of attending the CBAP certification training class.

Course Objectives

After attending our CBAP training course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the critical principles, activities, tasks, techniques, and tips described in the BABOK® Guide, version 3.0
  • Anticipate the general types of questions that appear on the exam and learn how to answer them
  • Cite the core knowledge areas, their activities, tasks, deliverables, inputs and outputs, and their relationships
  • Measure your ability to successfully complete the exam through sample questions in each knowledge area
  • Dissect and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussion after every practice exam
  • Develop a personal test prep strategy, employing various test-taking tactics

CBAP Course Outline

  • CBAP® Exam Information & Tips
  • Introduction and Key Concepts
  • Underlying Competencies
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring (BAPM)
  • Elicitation & Collaboration
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
  • Solution Evaluation
  • Final Review


"The Watermark CBAP preparation class was a fantastic experience. Not only did the class cover the material needed to pass the exam, but it shared practical tips on how to prepare for the exam and get through the stress of exam day. It mapped out a timeline for that preparation that is reasonable and attainable. The instructor truly cares about her students and is willing to remain a resource even after the class ends. I recommend this to anyone wanting to become certified in the Business Analyst practice."

Janelle W.

"I took the CBAP Certification Preparation with Watermark Learning. My trainer was super awesome. She gave a lot of study tips and advice on how to prepare for the certification. Her classes were very interactive and she would respond very quickly to questions offline. The course content was good, the study guide was exhaustive, the study tables were very very helpful and the exam simulation was very very very very helpful. The simulator helped us get an idea of what to expect in the real exam. Explanation to wrong answers in the simulator were very helpful, too. I strongly suggest Watermark Learning for their course content and exam simulator. With all the resources provided by Watermark Learning, I successfully passed CBAP. All the best to you, too!!"

Chris Hanika Joseph,

"After I read the BABOK, I enrolled in Watermark’s Anytime Learning CBAP Preparation Course. I opted for this option because I can take the course any time as per my convenience. The mnemonics Watermark Learning provided helped me a lot, and I did all the practice exams provided in the Study Guide. The online exam simulator is very good in providing you feedback on what areas you need to work on. Thank you, Watermark Learning, for providing such amazing course material which helped me prepare for the exam. Reading BABOK alone is not enough."

Shweta Silakari

"I chose Watermark Learning for help with preparing for my CBAP Exam because of the outstanding materials and instructor-led training that I had experienced when I took my 'Foundations of Business Requirements' course in 2012. I still use those materials today, and your Concurrent Requirements Modeling tool is invaluable in understanding the relationships between the various requirements models. Watermark Learning’s 'CBAP Certification Preparation' course covered the IIBA BABOK Knowledge Areas in just the right amount of detail and provided not only the critical knowledge needed to pass the exam, but also a proven, well-thought-out approach and preparation process to ensure I was prepared for the exam."

Kevin Winegardner

"I passed my CBAP exam! I am so thankful for the materials that Watermark provided in this exam prep course. I know without the mnemonics and practice exam, that I would not have passed. This course helped me on what I really need to do to pass. It also provided me with tips and tricks on how to read the questions and what to look for in the questions. I would recommend your course to anyone who is taking the CBAP. JoAnn Miller, CBAP, Federated Insurance Companies."

JoAnn Miller

"I sat for the CBAP certification exam and passed!! I attended Watermark's CBAP prep course a couple months before with a wonderful facilitator. I firmly believe my passing the exam was contributed to both that class and all of the study materials I acquired through Watermark. It would not have happened if I had only read the BABOK on my own...Watermark seems to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting their clients. Both the support and the study materials available helped tie everything together and make sense. Best of luck in the future!"

Sarah Poynter, USBank

"The CBAP exam was one of the most difficult ones I have ever sat for! But I passed and I owe much of it to Watermark Learning. With this company I feel they are in this business not only for the sake of doing business, but they really make genuine efforts to help good professionals become better. I found the certification preparation classes extremely useful as BABOK gets you out of your comfort zone and takes you to another level. Watermark Learning proven studying technique helped me grasp the correct terminology. The online exam simulation relieved a lot of the stress as I was able to understand what was there to come. I will certainly consider Watermark Learning for future trainings and I warmly recommend this company to anyone interested in becoming a better professional."

Cristian Avram

"I passed the CBAP exam! The sheet from class with all of the mnemonics is very helpful for on-the-go studying. Also, the Watermark exam simulations and drills are the best at helping you prepare for the exam. I found nothing else that compared!"

Ericka Fisher

"The online practice exams made the critical difference when preparing for the CBAP exam. The Study Guide was the perfect BABOK companion, filling in gaps and making the concepts easy to understand and learn. The tips and tricks provided during the course were a huge help! The mnemonics made memorizing long lists easy. The CBAP Project Hours spreadsheet helped me to organize my experience before submitting it to the IIBA."

Anthony Black

"The Watermark Learning CBAP Prep course was definitely the right choice as I prepared to sit for the exam. Having already participated in a BABOK study group, I knew additional resources would be necessary to prepare for the exam. The class size was small enough to allow for equal participation. The days were filled with an equal amount of instruction, discussion, learning activities, and of course practice exams. The instructor was top-notch. Her vast experience played well into her abilities to address the varied learning styles and provided valuable suggestions of how to use the materials (i.e. Flash Cards, Watermark KA and Technique tables...). She also made herself available for questions after the course was over. The crowning element attributing to my success on the exam was the On-line Practice / Simulation exams. An excellent way to identify where I needed to focus my study, as well as confirming where I was excelling. While I am thrilled to have the exam behind me, I give credit to the Watermark team for developing the tools, tips, techniques, that support this kind of professional development."

Barbara Jukich

"I had hunted around all over the net for the CBAP course, I was very, very picky as there are SO many offerings. But i've been bitten before and SO disappointed with the content of other vendors. So I personally chose Watermark which was different than the original Vendor proposed to me and I made the right choice. I had challenges participating in the live sessions of the class, but I did attend as I could and faithfully played the class recordings. The instructor is really engaging and pulls you into the purpose for the course and set your focus from minute 1. She also really drove, at least for me an understanding what it is your role should be in the organization. I appreciated of why I was in that class, why I do what I do and hearing that as really fortified my reason for wanting to take the course. There is a great amount of content to learn but she has broken it down to a point where it does not feel so overwhelming. I plan to do EXACTLY what she is guiding us to do and I really don't have any concerns about getting my CBAP. I know if I do what I've been advised to do - I won't have a problem. Don't look elsewhere for a CBAP course, this is the EXACT course you want and at the professional level you want it to be. Absolute QUALITY all the way from materials to instruction and followup. I will highly recommend. thank you - I hope I get a chance to attend other courses with Watermark learning. Best, Kerry Thomas (future CBAP) "

Kerry Thomas

"I took a virtual course, and it was my first time taking a class in this format. I had some reservations about whether it would be effective. However, it was surprisingly more engaging than expected. I found the test strategies and online exam simulator very helpful. I took and passed the exam in July."

Renelle Sutton, CBAP, Booz Allen Hamilton

"Passed the CBAP exam at first attempt. Couldn't have done it without Watermark instruction and material."

Eric White

"I'm so glad I took this class before taking the CBAP exam. The instructor was great, as well as all the materials that were provided. The tips and tricks were really helpful, especially information about which areas to emphasize while studying. The exam simulation was probably the most helpful piece of the course. Along with the classroom learning, the exam simulation really helped to point out where I needed to study more, but also how to read/consider the test questions. I passed on my first try, and highly recommend this class!"

Marcie Bonilla

"This class is a 5 out of 5 - and I RARELY give out 5 ratings! Course materials were fantastic! They were more helpful/useful than I would have imagined. I appreciate the breakdown and understandability. The instructor was also one of the best I have ever encountered. I believe that he wants every student to obtain their CBAP and will do whatever he can. He is perfect for keeping students engaged with complex/dry material."

Benjamin DeBoer, CUA, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

"The CBAP Certification Preparation class was very helpful to me. The class provided me with tools to break down the BABOK into logical pieces for memorization. After the class, I had two weeks until my test. I could not have memorized the information in that time period without the helpful methods taught in the class. The practice exams were also helpful to me as a means to measure how well I was retaining the information and the areas that I needed to study more. The suggestion that we 'dump' everything we had memorized was most helpful. By the time I was near the end of the test my brain was so tired that it was nice to refer to what I had written down with a rested brain."

Janet Justice, CBAP, NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.

"Thank you for Watermark''s virtual CBAP prep class! I had never taken a virtual course before but I found that the class fit really well with my work and home schedule. The instructor was very patient and was truly interested in the success of the participants. I know that this class and the online practice questions were instrumental in my passing the exam. I recommend this course to anyone interested in CBAP certification!"

Renee Gilmer, CBAP

"I completed the CBAP Certification Preparation on-line course and within 3 months, I sat for my CBAP and passed!"

Denise Swensen

"I liked the exposure to the experiences and expertise of other business analysts. The exercises were interesting and effective."

Katherine Grantham

"Excellent materials! The study guide and the exams are very helpful. Personally, I like the exams - that suits my learning style."

Pauline Downey

"The CBAP Certification Prep class familiarized me with the BABOK and helped identify areas to focus on when studying."

Trevor Cook
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