Project Sponsor Workshop

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General Information

Length and Learning Modes: In-person classes – 1/2 day / Virtual (Live online) – 1 session

Sponsorship is crucial to project success. With strong sponsorship, large, risky projects can succeed. Without sponsorship, or with ineffective sponsorship, even small projects flounder.

This interactive workshop quickly gets at the heart of effective sponsorship. It is packed with tips and tools for becoming an engaged sponsor who provides maximum support to the project manager, without wasting time. It teaches sponsors to coach their project managers, and helps them be proactive in identifying risks and issues. Finally, this course provides tips on how to get what every sponsor ultimately needs: accurate project status reporting to find out what is really happening on projects.



Skill Level: Basic

This course is intended for project sponsors, but would also be helpful for executives, line managers, and key business customers.

Development Units:
PDUs: 4
CEUs: 0.4

Learning will take place through guided group discussions of related issues, in-class exercises, and role-plays.

  • Sponsor Essentials
    • Question exercise: what do you want to know?
    • Creating the Project Charter
    • Roles and responsibilities of key project stakeholders
    • What do sponsors need to approve?
    • Discussion: when do sponsors need to get involved?
  • How to recognize good project plans
    • Discussion and content on what’s a “good” Scope Statement
    • Exercise: Would you approve these Scope Statements?
    • Going beyond the Scope Statement—the importance of Work Breakdown Structures
    • Being proactive on project risks: questions to ask to minimize risks
    • Planning communications to keep the project rolling
    • Exercise: how would you approve these project plans? (work breakdown structures, risk plans, communications plans)
  • Executing and controlling projects
    • Role play scenario: the stalled project
    • From planning to getting results: how sponsors can help during project execution
    • Keeping projects on track; what the sponsor needs to know and do
    • Discussion: what information do you want?
    • To meet or not to meet
    • Role-play: How would you get the stalled project back on track?
  • Sponsor as coach
    • Discussion: what does project support mean?
    • How to effectively use positional and personal power
    • How to determine which tools are best for which projects
    • Exercise

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