Root Cause Analysis - 5 Essential Tools

3-Hour Video on Demand (VOD) Training Course

Root Cause Analysis - 5 Essential Tools

Popular approaches to consulting and problem-solving come and go, but root cause analysis never goes out of style. It’s inevitable that your stakeholders will sometime need insight into what’s causing the business pain. Having a variety of approaches in your repertoire to facilitate the discussion will not only shed light on possible root causes, but you’ll engage stakeholders, promote ownership, and enhance perspective for more critical thinking and better problem solving.


  • Identify five root cause analysis tools.
  • Explore best applications for various approaches.
  • Practice using root cause analysis tools.

Length and Learning Modes

Video on Demand: 3 hours


Video On Demand IIBA-AAC Certification Preparation
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Development Units

PDUs: 3 CDUs: 3




  • Five root cause analysis tools
  • Plusses and minuses of each approach
  • Experiment with root cause analysis tools


"I really liked this class, and I particularly liked the last tool - interrelationship diagrams. What I've used before, we've gone crazy with inter-related systems. This was much more simple and I think will be well received."

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