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Training Courses that let you "Learn and Earn" in Small Portions

Watermark Learning now offers a series of mini courses designed for busy professionals who want to add knowledge and skills in brief sessions. The courses, varying in length from one to four hours, let the project manager or business analyst learn important, timely topics in small portions, while earning PDUs and CDUs needed for PMP® or CBAP®/CCBA® re-certification.

Attend From Anywhere Via Webinar Tools

All mini courses are conducted using our virtual training webinar environment. This means you can access the mini course from a wide variety of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. During the session, participants can interact with the instructor, ask questions, and engage in discussions of the topic.

Timely Topics

Topics address current challenges and issues facing the project manager and business analyst today. Watermark Learning is responding to the growing need to combine relevant learning with the need to earn professional development units for re-certification of professional credentials. Participants will earn one PDU for PMP or one CDU for CBAP/CCBA re-certification for each hour spent in class.

Supplement Regular Training

These mini courses are not intended to replace our regular training. Instead they feature mastery topics intended to address special areas of knowledge and skill. Each live session is led by a Watermark Learning senior instructor, and is designed to convey a great deal of information in a short period of time. If you have attended a Watermark Learning webinar in the past, you know how rich such sessions can be.

"This session was very helpful and the instructor was an excellent speaker. The survey results were also interesting to see. I can use these techniques in my current job immediately."
—Nancy Boettger, Business Analyst


The registration fee for each mini course is only US$50 per session hour. All mini courses are listed on the Watermark Learning Public Class Schedule.

Additional Benefits

  • Copy of the presentation slides in PDF format
  • Access to a recording for review and in case of scheduling conflicts
  • One or more downloadable templates relevant to the topic
  • Copies of any other handouts provided by the instructor
Contact Us to learn more about onsite Mini Courses

All Watermark Learning Mini Courses are also available as onsite (private) classes.

"Good introduction to Agile process. We have use for eliminating MUCH of the types of waste and this will be a good start. Thanks!”
—JS, Mini Course participant