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Special Discount on Upcoming CBAP/CCBA Virtual 
Exam Prep Classes


Watermark Learning is offering a special discount on either of its March 18 virtual CBAP Certification Preparation Class or its virtual CCBA Certification Preparation class.
Register now to take advantage of a 20% discount on either of these excellent courses to help you prepare for and pass the CBAP/CCBA exams. Use the discount code VMCBAPMar when registering.


Upcoming Courses


Agile Fundamentals


BA Fundamentals


Business Intelligence Requirements Analysis


Business Process Improvement

Business Process Modeling


CBAP Certification Prep 


 CCBA Certification Prep


 Facilitation Skills Workshop


Getting Started in Business Process Management


Influencing Without Authority


Planning and Managing Requirements


 Industry Events

Watermark Learning Webinar Event  

March 15, 2013

11:00 am - 12:00 pm (CT)

I Don't Have Time to Manage Requirements: My Project is Late Already

Presentation by

Elizabeth Larson, PMP, CBAP, CSM


IIBA Rochester Branch Meeting

March 26, 2013

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm (CT)

CBAP/CCBA Certification: From "What Is It?" to "I Did It!"

Presentation by

Bob Prentiss, CBAP


IIBA MSP Professional Development Day

April 15, 2013

7:30 am - 4:30 pm (CT)

The Audacity of Quality Requirements 

Presentation by

Bob Prentiss, CBAP  


Agile Adoption: Barriers, Paths, & Cultures - Oh My!

Presentation by

Mike Stuedemann


Southwest Ohio Business Analysis Regional Conference

April 19, 2013

8:00 am - 5:00 pm (ET)

Seven Ways to Build Trust for Successful Requirements Elicitation 

Presentation by

Elizabeth Larson, PMP, CBAP, CSM


Fantastic Voyage or the Impossible Dream? The BA as Management Consultant

Presentation by

Richard Larson, PMP, CBAP



New Anytime Learning Course for CBAP/CCBA Exam Prep Announced! 

Watermark Learning is excited to announce our new CBAP/CCBA Anytime Learning option to help you prepare for certification!

Anytime Learning offers students the same study materials as our classroom and virtual classes with the advantage of taking the class on your own time-any time! Progress at your own speed with a video version of the class.

In addition to the study materials (which includes 90- day free access to our CBAP/CCBA Online Study Exam), you will also have the ability to ask questions of one of our CBAP-certified instructors during your study time. For more information on CBAP/CCBA Anytime Learning, contact Roberta Hoffman, at 952-921-0900, ext 208.



Certification Chat (Formerly CBAP/CCBA Study Hall)

April 5, 2013  

11:00-11:30 am CT

Free session to ask anything related to CBAP/CCBA certification - from the application to exam prep to test-taking tips, even re-certification.


To Register

March 2013 - In This Issue
The Courage to Scribe
An Opportunity Missed
Product News
Virtual Meeting Challenges
Industry News
Upcoming Webinars
Feature Article

The Courage to Scribe, Part 1


By Elizabeth Larson, PMP, CBAP, CSM,

Co-Principal, Watermark Learning, Inc.


 Elizabeth Larson Sm Photo
At a recent conference I overheard a conversation that went something like this:
Participant #1: "How can we get organizations to use business analysts (BAs) more strategically?" Good question I said to myself. I began thinking of ways to encourage organizations to use BAs as trusted advisors when the other participant spoke up.
Participant #2: "You're absolutely right. I'm so tired of being nothing but a scribe in my company. I could be doing so much more."
Recognizing that I was not only eavesdropping but in jeopardy of interjecting my unsolicited and unwanted two cents worth, I got up and left the table, silently exclaiming, "I love scribing!" I was amazed that anyone could denigrate its importance. I wondered what it meant to "do so much more" when scribing required proficiency in so many skills.
An Opportunity Missed is a
New Project to Pursue
Bob Prentiss Sm Photo

By Bob Prentiss, CBAP


I recently had "another" airport experience. It is inevitable when you travel a lot. This time, the plane was switched for another plane due to equipment concerns. Now, whereas I am happy they were able to detect the reasons the plane should not fly, what happened next made me think there must be a better way. I tend to book my travel well in advance to ensure that I have both a seat up front, and that I am on the aisle. That is the perk if you plan well in advance. Hmm... planning well in advance... sounds like a good business analysis practice!


Read more

Product News
New Courses: Getting Real Results
From Virtual Teams
Last month, we announced four new courses that will join the Watermark Learning class schedule soon. Here is more detail on the first of these.

In our mobile, global world, nearly every team is virtual to some extent. Creating an effective team when co-located is challenging enough. When the team spends little or no time together in the same space and time, getting team members to identify with the team requires approaches unique to a virtual environment.

Participants in this course will develop skills and learn techniques to work effectively when team members have little or no face-to-face communication. It covers all aspects of working virtually, from recognizing types of virtual workers and teams, to working with cultural and language differences, to handling conflict.

Another New Course Added! A fifth new course, Getting Started in Business Analysis, joins the four other courses being added to Watermark Learning's curriculum later this Spring and Summer. Watch for these new courses to be added to our course catalog starting in April by checking our online Public Class Schedule. For more specific information on the new classes, please contact a training consultant.


Japanese Versions of CBAP/CCBA
Online Study Exams Available Soon


Watermark Learning will soon be launching Japanese versions of our popular CBAP/CCBA Online Study Exams. The exams are already used by people in 60 countries worldwide. Here's a sample of what a Japanese language exam page will look like:

Using the exams has been proven to increase your odds of passing the exam, reducing anxiety, and saving time. Watermark Learning's online exams are the most complete and realistic online CBAP certification preparation tool on the market today. For more exam information,  click here.

Virtual Meeting Challenges: Stop Fighting the Multitaskers, Part 1

By Andrea Brockmeier, PMP 


During the Q and A following my recent webinar, Offsite and On Board, most questions pertained to challenges around people multitasking during conference calls and online meetings. Evidence of people multitasking during virtual meetings includes the tap-tap-tap of keyboarding, silence when asking for input from someone, and the steady drip of "Could you repeat that please?" from attendees.

I have good news and bad news to consider before exploring possible strategies for dealing with the multitaskers.

Industry News

SEAN Conducts First Watermark Learning Courses in Mexico City 


The first workshop for CBAP and CCBA Certification to be held in Mexico City was conducted by SEAN (Servicios Educacionales en Analisis de Negocios), the foremost Business Analysis training provider in Mexico, in December. SEAN partnered with Watermark Learning to offer the workshop.

"The objective of the workshop is to prepare students to take the exam for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) or Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) designations and help them make the most of the limited study time they have," said Gabriel Almeida, Vice President, Educational and Professional Services of SEAN.


Watermark Learning Licensing and Affiliate Programs 


Watermark Learning offers a wide range of high-quality course materials and products in Business Analysis, Project Management, and Business Process Management immediately available for organizations to license and teach with their own instructors or to contract with us for a turn-key solution.

Our courseware is developed by skilled professionals who are instructors, practitioners, and consultants at leading organizations. In addition, we offer customization of course materials to meet your exact requirements.

We partner with select organizations and individuals who believe in our products and will promote our courses or online materials to their customers and readers. This includes:

  • Training organizations who don't offer the same courses we do, and want to add offerings to fill a void.
  • Bloggers who recommend courses and study aids to their readers.

For more information on either program, contact Lori Ward at 952-921-0900. ext. 214.


More New PMP Exam Information


If you plan to sit for the new version of the PMP Exam launching in July, you might consider scheduling your exam for at least six weeks after the release of the new exam. Normally, upon completion of the exam, testers receive their results immediately on the computer used to take the test. 

After the release of a new exam, however, PMI recalibrates the exam to determine what qualifies as a passing score. In order to do this, they have to collect enough results from test takers. This can take 6-8 weeks depending on how many people take the test. Once PMI is satisfied with the new scoring, they mail the results to those who took the new exam. This process will be used for this update, so if you sit for the PMP on July 31, it may be sometime  in September before you get your results.


 Learn more  

 Upcoming Webinars 
Over 450 professionals from the BA and PM communities attended our February webinar, "The Audacity of Quality Requirements," presented by Bob Prentiss, CBAP. If you weren't able to attend, you won't miss out - we also provide recordings of all webinars for our members' use. Check out these upcoming webinars on our 2013 schedule:
  • March 15: I Don't Have Time to Manage Requirements: My Project is Late Already presented by Elizabeth Larson, CBAP, PMP, CSM
  • April 26: BA Toolkit: Essential Tools for an Agile Project presented by Richard Larson, PMP, CBAP
"I was real impressed with the tips for working on virtual teams. I've had to experience this challenge working as a BA in a temporary position on a project. It was quite a learning experience at the time. !"
-Pamela Stennis, Project Manager/Business Analyst, Guru Alliance

Attendee of a recent Webinar


For a complete list and to register, please visit our Events page.


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CBAP/CCBA Exam Preparation Course 


"I was very impressed with this course; the pace was perfect thanks to the facilitator who fielded our questions, yet managed to remain focused on covering all the material on time."


Carol Nichols, Senior Finance Business Analyst

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