Health Services Company Ramps Up Influencing Skills

The Challenge One of the nation’s largest Health Services Companies needed to add an Influencing Skills element to its leadership training program for newly-hired consultants. Of prime importance was the need to imbue students with the skills needed to influence others and ensure job success, keeping in mind that this group was lacking in real-life experience. Watermark Learning was asked to design a custom training program to meet this need.

The Solution Watermark Learning created a custom 4-day course designed to immerse the new consultants in a real-world experience, culminating in a 2-day version of Watermark’s Project R.E.A.L. (Real Experience Applied Learning) Live Simulation training. The course focused on Influencing Skills and included these topics:

  • Defining Influence Without Authority
  • Forms of Power
  • Defining Trust
  • Types of Trust
  • What is Persuasion?
  • Preparing to Influence
  • Defining the Desired Outcome
Leadership and Influencing Success Stories

"The Project R.E.A.L. portion of the course was designed to challenge participants," said Sandy Tschannen, Watermark Learning Training Consultant. "It provides them with real life immersion into handling many of the realistic situations and curve balls that their future assignments would likely throw at them," she added.

Benefits The custom-designed Watermark Learning Program enabled newly-hired consultants to hit the ground running, using the real-world influencing skills they learned in the Watermark course. The time the company saved in bringing these new employees up to speed delivered quicker results for its clients for health system analysis, information technology, and consulting products.

Influencing and Stakeholder Management

The Challenge One of the nation’s top health insurance companies selected Watermark Learning for training on influencing skills, finding the curriculum to be perfect for skills their Project Management Office (PMO) was looking for. Their main focus was influencing and stakeholder management, which they needed to help build and develop their workforce.

“I loved their approach to learning and felt it would help our PMO workforce reach the next level in learning and development,” said the organization’s Workforce Performance Consultant.

The Solution Watermark Learning personalized a version of the Influencing Without Authority workshop for three groups. The workshop is designed to develop essential influencing skills and focuses on key concepts like:

  • Trust
  • Preparation
  • Courage

The Workforce Performance Consultant continued, "The Watermark Learning staff really took the time to listen and understand our business need in an effort to provide a solution for us as well as made it very easy to do business with them. I would definitely use them again for future training and/or recommend their services."

Benefits Over half of the Influencing Without Authority participants boasted how dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging the instructor was, bringing real world experience and tremendous knowledge. This in turn helped provide a positive impact, concepts, and tools that were relevant and immediately applicable even with very busy, critical projects always in the works.

“The instructor was without a doubt the absolute best facilitator I have EVER had a class with. The course challenged me to evaluate my communication skills, which I’ve always considered a strong point. I can truly say that I plan to use at least 90% of the content taught in this class in my daily work as well as life in general," said an Influencing Without Authority class participant.

Influencing Skills Training



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