Applied Learning

At Watermark Learning, we believe that people learn best by actively putting knowledge into practice.  In addition to our regular public courses, we also offer applied learning options for our clients, including Outcome-Based Consultative Training and coaching and mentoring services.  With applied learning, an expert Watermark Learning instructor will come onsite and tailor our course content to meet your unique needs.   We also arrange for coaching and mentoring, so that an expert can provide your team with onsite guidance on an actual project.  

Outcome-Based Consultative Training
Coaching & Mentoring

Outcome-Based Consultative Training

Do you find yourself or your team too busy for training, yet need new project skills?

Need to combine learning with getting projects done?

Does your organization prefer an uber-practical approach to learning?

We have you covered! Our Outcome-Based Consultative Training has been at the core of our training approach since our founding in 1992. Outcome-Based Learning focuses on the benefits you can expect. Virtually any of our courses can be structured as applied learning platforms to achieve outcomes such as these examples:

  • Complete a project charter or plan
  • Conduct sprint or release planning
  • Devise a business case template
  • Create a business analysis plan
  • Create user stories and story maps
  • Create a use case diagram and
  • Create use case narratives
  • Devise acceptance criteria for product features
  • Estimate a project
  • Create a risk management plan for a project
  • Create a business process map for a complex process
  • Role-play conversations with “difficult” customers
  • Document requirements for a project
    the right way
  • Conduct a retrospective that provides meaningful improvements

These are just a small sample. What can you think of that would help your next project or related effort?

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Watermark Learning will be happy to work with you on an Applied Learning program. One of our Account Managers can assist you with a needs assessment to be sure our program is tailored to your needs.