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We also offer self-paced Anytime Learning business analysis, project management, and agile training and certification courses.


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep

Cost: $499.00
PDUs: 21

This course is designed to prepare learners for the Project Management Institute's PMI-ACP® exam by exploring the methodologies, practices, tools, and techniques that Agilists need to master to become proficient practitioners. Students in this course will increase their knowledge of... more

Managing Real World Projects

Cost: $249.00
PDUs: 10

This online, self-paced six-module course presents a stream-lined approach to project management based on the best practices of experienced, effective project managers. It cuts through the clutter and focuses on the key principles of project management in the real world, offering tools and techniques for... more

Project Management Team Leadership

Cost: $359.00
PDUs: 18

The vast majority of project work in today's organizations is done in a team setting. In this environment, project management team leaders have a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to develop and exhibit leadership skills. This course first discusses the roles and responsibilities of the project...more

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® Exam Prep

Cost: $599.00
PDUs: 30

This completely online and self-paced nine-module risk management course helps educate project managers in identifying and responding to project risk. This course provides a comprehensive preparation for the Project Management Institute's PMI-RMP® certification exam including exercises, self-assessments, and case... more

Quality Management Basics

Cost: $299.00
PDUs: 12

Quality Management Basics provides a firm foundation for anyone looking to understand quality management practices and techniques. The course combines instructional material with interactive exercises, vocabulary games, and flashcards to explain the core concepts and strategies of effective quality management. Case studies and examples from... more

Agile Team Challenges

Cost: $125.00
PDUs: 4

This online course is designed to help Agile practitioners decipher and solve the problems that arise regularly in their work. The course consists of 20 short case studies that test the student's understanding of Agile practices and provide guidance for resolving common... more

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Cost: $79.00
PDUs: 3

Emotional intelligence (EI) is our ability to identify and control our emotions to achieve positive outcomes in our relationships. Project managers with high EI are better equipped to deal with team members, vendors, stakeholders, and sponsors and to handle and resolve conflicts.... more

Ethics for Project Managers

Cost: $79.00
PDUs: 3

Business ethics represent the standards for right and wrong that govern how businesspeople act. The term also refers to the study of moral principles in the workplace. This one-module course reviews the major ethical issues facing project managers. It looks at the specific challenges project... more

Integrating Agile and Waterfall Practices

Cost: $89.00
PDUs: 3

This online course is designed to help Agile proponents recognize and resolve many of the common integration issues that emerge when these two methodologies are combined. The course consists of 20 short case studies that simulate the communication and interchanges that can... more

4CShare Global Project Management Simulation

Cost: $359.00
PDUs: 10

In this simulation, you've been named the project leader for an exciting new project-the development of a knowledge sharing database for your company, Four Corners BioPharma, Inc. The project will involve establishing processes for storing and sharing knowledge in your multinational corporation and developing the... more

Allerton Connector Highway Project Management Simulation

Cost: $359.00
PDUs: 10

Through this simulation, the learner will play the role of a project manager on a highway construction project in the small city of Allerton. This project is considered to be a "major project" by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which means it has a budget... more

HealthMax Software Project Management Simulation

Cost: $359.00
PDUs: 10

Through this simulation, the learner will play the role of a project manager on a new product development project at HealthMax Software. The goal of the project is to develop HealthRecords, a new medical records software system. For HealthMax, a small company, the success of... more