A Highly Visual Study Aid and Reference Tool

BABOK Study Tables v3.0

Our BABOK Study Tables give you an overview of the BABOK® Guide v3 in a comprehensive and detailed, yet highly visual package. If you are studying for the CBAP® Certified Business Analysis Professional or CCBA® Certified Competency in Business Analysis Preparation, these study tables are a must. These colorful robust tables are designed for independent study or for use with study groups or training classes. They also are a valuable aid on the job as a quick-reference resource.


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How our Study Tables will help you:

  • Drill on and memorize key concepts of the BABOK that will help you prepare for the CBAP or CCBA exam
  • Use as a quick reference when you need to access specific information from the BABOK – before and after your exam
  • Reinforce important material in a visual way from the BABOK and our CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 so you learn and retain the information

Special features:

  • Two Knowledge Area and Task cross-references
  • Color-coded for easy identification of Knowledge Areas and to aid in recall
  • For each BABOK task, see each task’s Description, Inputs, Elements, Techniques, Stakeholders, and Outputs, all on one page
  • For each of the 50 BABOK techniques, view the Technique’s definition, plus Elements, Advantages/Disadvantages, Usage, and Purpose - again, all on one page
  • For each of the task-specific techniques, get the Usage and Purpose
  • A Knowledge Area technique cross-reference to put the techniques in context and show where each is used

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"The BEST consolidated easy to read tables. This [v3.0] Study Table is a must have for all students taking the IIBA exams. Very easy to read and memorize."
—Amazon reviewer

"I cleared the CBAP exam! The Watermark BABOK Study Tables was a great support to review & recollect the Tasks, Inputs, Elements, Techniques, Stakeholders, Outputs in a structured manner. Thanks a lot for making it happen!"
—Preetha Ramakumar, CBAP (India)

"Your (online study exam and study tables) helped me prepare for the IIBA CBAP actual exam. I spent time and money on other preparatory materials but none was as good as Watermark's."
—Rabi Egunjobi, PMP, CBAP, Shell Oil Company (Houston, TX)