Organizational Change Management-1 Day Course (Online - Central Standard Time (CST) 9/9/2022)
All projects introduce change into organizations which invariably change the way stakeholders work. Organizational change management (OCM) is about the people side of change – helping them let go of old practices and embrace the new. Through this interactive workshop, you will gain experience with techniques and learn skills to clearly define the change to generate support, assess organizational readiness, develop a change management plan, effectively addressing resistance, create critical communications to keep everyone engaged through the change, as well as how to identify the critical success factors to sustaining the change once it is implemented. In short, you will leave class ready to participate as a valuable change agent in any change initiative.

Format: Boot Camp

Location: Online - Central Standard Time (CST)

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Dates: Sep 9

Venue: Interactive Web Conference