CBAP Exam Preparation

Show your dedication to the BA profession and strengthen your organization by becoming a certified business analyst. The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) is a premier BA certification available from IIBA®). There are many other benefits to obtaining your CBAP credential, including establishing your knowledge and skill level, landing premier projects on the job, and a personal sense of accomplishment.

Accelerate your career path and support your organization with the following products from Watermark Learning. CBAP credential holders stand to earn higher salaries among other benefits, according to IIBA.

  • Looking for Information? Get all the CBAP FAQs first!
  • Ready to Apply? Visit our CBAP Certification Resources page and find help such as our application worksheets to help you organize your project hours.
  • Getting Serious? Visit our CBAP Certification Steps page for guidance on what to do each step of the way.

"I passed the CBAP exam! Watermark Learning’s resources significantly helped me navigate the path to certification: Your webinars, the CBAP Application worksheet, Audio Flashcards, practice exams, and the CBAP Certification Preparation course."
—Julie Durrant, CBAP

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CBAP Certification Preparation v3.0 Course

CBAP Certification Preparation v3.0 Course

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the CBAP v3.0 exam and help you make the most of limited study time. It comes with a free copy of our CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 and a free 90-day subscription to our acclaimed CBAP v3.0 Online Study Exam for focused reinforcement and realistic practice after class.

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CBAP Online Study Exam

CBAP Exam Preparation | CBAP Online Study Exam

These self-paced programs adapt as you progress in your exam preparation. Contains Warm-Up exams to get started, a Drill section to concentrate on one BABOK® Knowledge Area at a time, and a full CBAP exam simulator. Detailed feedback and summary results are provided.

Subscriptions available for 30, 60, and 90 days.

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CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0

CBAP Exam Preparation | CBAP Study Guide

This comprehensive study guide highlights all the important points of the CBAP or CCBA 3.0 exams. It helps you readily master all knowledge areas of the BABOK and focus your study time. Contains over a thousand practice exam questions and answer explanations. Comes with a trial subscription to the CBAP or CCBA Online Study Exam.

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BABOK Flashcards v3.0

 BABOK Flashcards

Colorful, sturdy flashcards that cover the most important BABOK terms and techniques. 336 cards to help you drill and learn the central concepts for the CBAP exam, and help you finalize your exam preparation. Our flashcards are a great companion to our study guide!

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BABOK Study Tables v3.0

BABOK Study Tables

Our BABOK Study Tables give you an overview of the BABOK® Guide v3 in a comprehensive and detailed, yet highly visual package. They also are a valuable aid on the job as a quick-reference resource.

  • Drill on and memorize key concepts of the BABOK that will help you prepare for the CBAP or CCBA exam
  • Use as a quick reference when you need to access specific information from the BABOK – before and after your exam
  • Reinforce important material in a visual way from the BABOK and our CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 so you learn and retain the information

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Photo of Vijay Kumar

"I'm delighted that I passed the CBAP exam a few hours ago, on the first attempt! I worked hard to reach the suggested 80% score [in the Online Study Exam], and I only achieved it a few days before the exam. Thirty minutes before I walked into the exam center, I was able to score 100% in a KA. That boosted my confidence level that made me finish the test within 2 hours. This is an excellent tool, and I would seriously recommend anyone preparing for the CBAP exam to make good use of this resource. Its much tougher than the real exam.”
—Jibs Ajia, CBAP

Photo of Vijay Kumar

"I purchased CBAP Online Study Exam and was confident to perform well. The Online Study Exam questions helped me in managing time, reasoning, and eliminating the wrong answers. This tool helps you prepare for the exam, and I would recommend it to BAs who want to crack the CBAP Exam!”
—Vijay Kumar Kanamarlapudi, CBAP, PAHM

Joy Beatty, CBAP

"While preparing for my CBAP exam, I needed course credits, so I opted to take the Watermark CBAP prep course. I was worried the exam would be challenging given my lack of test-taking capabilities – but this class and the Watermark prep book were exactly what I needed to feel prepared! And it worked!"
—Joy Beatty, CBAP, Seilevel

CBAP Exam Success Story

"After extensive use of the CBAP study guide and the online study exam, I sat for the CBAP exams and passed at a sitting. Thank you Watermark!"
—Chinyere Paul, CBAP, PCGI Consulting Services

"I passed my CBAP exam!  Your training and CBAP materials were a key component to my successful exam.  The online practice exams made the critical difference when preparing for the CBAP exam.  Also, the CBAP Study Guide was the perfect BABOK companion, filling in gaps and making the concepts easy to understand."
—Tony Black, CBAP
US Bank

"I am so excited to share the good news that I have passed the CBAP certification successfully and am a CBAP now...Hurray. Many thanks to Watermark Learning for the CBAP Guide and Online Exam tool with the great question bank, which was definitely the driver of my success. Thanks once again...Watermark is Great."
—Lata Gupta, CBAP
Capital One, Inc.

"I work as a systems analyst and was planning to get certified in business analysis for quite some time. That's when I saw in several forums that Watermark Learning has the best material for CBAP. I used CBAP Virtual Anytime Learning, CBAP Study Guide, and the Online Exam Simulator. The materials were very thorough and easy to follow. I was able to clear CBAP with ease and I would definitely say that Watermark Learning has a huge role in that. Thank you Watermark!" 
- Ramya Popuri, CBAP

"I passed the CBAP! The class was incredibly helpful! The practice exams helped a lot. I feel that (the instructor) was able to translate the BABOK® into English for me."
- Kathy Reed, CBAP