Business Analysis Industry Certificate

Are you entering or new to the BA profession or manage BAs and want to understand the required knowledge and competencies of a BA practitioner? Obtain the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) certificate, IIBA's Level 1 in the BA certification framework. Our training and materials help you to master the knowledge needed to understand basic business analysis and obtain your ECBA certificate. Advance your career path and support your organization by following the steps below and with resources and products from Watermark Learning.

Why get your ECBA?

The ECBA recognizes individuals ready to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge and behaviours as practicing business analysis professionals. The certificate does not require work experience - only professional development hours. That sets the ECBA apart from other IIBA certifications.

Sign me up for ECBA newsBenefits to the individual may include: 

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the principles and industry best practices.
  • Personal satisfaction of accomplishing the first step in their BA careers.
  • Improvement of overall performance.
  • More market opportunities.

Benefits to the organization may include:

  • Advancement and recognition opportunities for staff.
  • Demonstrates use of industry-standard business analysis practices to customers.
  • Demonstrates to your stakeholders that your business is run effectively.
  • Establishes BA practices as outlined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) Guide by recognized professionals.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the field of business analysis, increasingly recognized as a vital component of any successful project.

Step 1. Prepare for the ECBA Exam

We currently have or are developing the following materials to help further your BA knowledge and achieve your ECBA. Please contact us if you would like to be put on a mailing list for any of these products.

Option 1: Self-Study Materials

How to Talk BA

How to Talk BA

This handy-sized resource summarizes over 300 critical BA terms and includes examples to clarify and make the terms practical. References to the BABOK Guide v3, PMI® BA Practice Guide, and other top BA books are also included. It is a great resource for all levels and anyone associated with business analysis. Use it to prepare for your CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, or PMI-PBA exam and on-the-job!

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ECBA Online Study Exam

ECBA Exam Preparation Online Study Exam

These self-paced programs adapt as you progress in your exam preparation. Contains Warm-Up exams to get started, a Drill section to concentrate on one BABOK Knowledge Area at a time, and a full ECBA exam simulator. Detailed feedback and summary results are provided.

Subscriptions will be available for 30, 60, and 90 days.

*Available for purchase starting January 24th.*

BABOK Study Tables v3.0

BABOK Study Tables

Our BABOK Study Tables give you an overview of the BABOK® Guide v3 in a comprehensive and detailed, yet highly visual package. They also are a valuable aid on the job as a quick-reference resource.

  • Drill on and memorize key concepts of the BABOK that will help you prepare for the ECBA, CCBA, or CBAP exam
  • Use as a quick reference when you need to access specific information from the BABOK – before and after your exam
  • Reinforce important material in a visual way from the BABOK and our CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 so you learn and retain the information

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Option 2: Attend a Class

ECBA Certificate Prep Course

ECBA Certificate Prep Course

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the ECBA exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. This course also includes How to Talk BA and a free subscription to our ECBA Online Study Exam for focused reinforcement and realistic practice after class.

The ECBA Class Provides:

  • 21 PDUs, enough to apply for the ECBA
  • Copy of How to Talk BA
  • Free subscription to our online ECBA study exam simulator
  • In-class exams with realistic practice questions and answer explanations
  • Class discussions that dissect practice questions to learn how to analyze and answer them

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Step 2. Finalize your study and preparation. Quiz yourself using flashcards you've made or purchased or use the How to Talk BA book and take lots and lots of practice exams.

Step 3. Take the exam and earn your ECBA Certificate!


Hear what CBAP and CCBA students have said...

CBAP recipient

"After I read the BABOK, I enrolled in Watermark’s Anytime Learning CBAP Preparation Course. I opted for this option because I can take the course any time as per my convenience. The mnemonics Watermark Learning provided helped me a lot, and I did all the practice exams provided in the Study Guide. The online exam simulator is very good in providing you feedback on what areas you need to work on. Thank you, Watermark Learning, for providing such amazing course material which helped me prepare for the exam. Reading BABOK alone is not enough."
Shweta Sharma, CBAP, USA


CBAP recipient

"I would definitely recommend anyone serious about preparing for and passing their CBAP Exam to contact Watermark Learning and enroll in the 'CBAP Certification Preparation’ course. I personally believe the definition of quality is 'Conformance to Requirements,’ and Watermark Learning provides me with the quality training I require in my professional pursuits."
Kevin R. Winegardner, CBAP, USA

Martin Russell

"I passed my CCBA exam!! I attended the CCBA Certification Prep training, which was extremely helpful to outline the full scope of the BABOK and to give very helpful guidelines on key items that need to be understood. I read the BABOK twice. The Study Guide is a must have! It helped to define the level of concept details to study and had very useful quick tests and tasks to help remember details. The online drills and exams brought everything together and gave a good baseline to test my knowledge and restudy areas that were lacking. Also, the suggestions given to get through the exam on the day were invaluable. I plan to take the CBAP next year!"
Helena Gabrić, CCBA, Croatia

CBAP recipient

"I initiated my journey of CCBA preparation with Watermark Learning. Our instructor made the learning sessions very engaging and interesting.The staff have been overwhelmingly helpful with their prompt response to all my queries. Overall, the online course, training materials, study guide and online practice questions have immensely contributed to my CCBA success."
Anupreeta Acharya, CCBA, Singapore
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