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For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CBAP Online Study Exam, visit this page.

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Our Online Study Exams have been used by over 5,500 subscribers in 85 countries around the world!

The most recent subscribers are from Oman, Finland, and Trinidad and Tobago.

97% of our subscribers pass their exam on the first attempt!

CBAP Online Study Exam Benefits

Surveys indicate that practice questions are one of the most effective techniques for helping pass the CBAP v2.0 exam. Increase your odds of passing, reduce exam anxiety, and save time with the most complete and realistic online CBAP certification preparation tool in the market today. The Watermark Learning CBAP Online Study Exam includes:

  • Over 900 realistic questions, similar in tone and quality to the actual CBAP exam, to reduce surprises and increase confidence when you sit for the exam
  • Instant detailed feedback on every question with BABOK® reference numbers to explain both correct and incorrect answers and solidify retention
  • Three modes: warm-up, drill, and a simulation mode to help you take unlimited 150-question practice tests
  • Available 24/7 from the moment you sign up, so you can study anytime, anywhere
  • Practice on the go! The CBAP Online Study Exam works great on major mobile devices, including Apple, Windows, and Android tablets.

This three-in-one tool adapts to you as you progress in your exam preparations:

Warm-up Exams

Answer our sample questions as often as you like during your subscription period. Stop and start your exams according to your schedule.

Study Drills

Use the Drill section alone or with a study group to concentrate on one BABOK section at a time. The detailed answer feedback in this section includes BABOK reference numbers to show you exactly where to go to find additional information on that subject.

Exam Simulator

When you're ready, take the full CBAP exam simulator. Exam results are summarized by
BABOK knowledge area so you can gauge where you need more focus.

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CBAP Online Study Exam, visit this page.

Subscription Pricing*

30 Days: $99
60 Days: $129
90 Days: $159

Great Questions to Spend Time With. Subscribers can take unlimited exams and questions. Based on a 2015 usage sample, our pricing amounts to only $2.76 per exam, and less than a nickel per question answered.
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* Renewals of paid subscriptions get a 20% discount.
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Swapnil Patil

"I am now a Certified Business Analysis Professional, and Watermark's CBAP Online Study Exam has helped me to achieve this designation. Starting with drills, I completed around 5 sessions for each knowledge area, and then I moved to Simulation. Completing 8 Simluations, I was able to get 93% in the last session, which increased my confidence. I was able to complete the entire exam of 150 questions in 2.5 hours! I have highly endorsed this course to all my BA colleagues for easy achievement."
Swapnil Patil, CBAP

Kathy Bieltz

"I'm pleased to announce I passed the CBAP exam recently! ...there were some questions for which the answer could not be deduced from the question. By being able to eliminate made-up terms you are able to select the 'Correct' answer. The Watermark Online test has similar questions and was very helpful in learning how to find the correct answer using CBAP test logic."
Kathy Bieltz, Senior Consultant, PMP, CBAP


"I found this excellent tool for exam preparation. I decided to use this tool from someone's advice I found online. I followed all advises were given to me such as using drills after every chapter, warm up, then simulation exams. I did all practices until my grades were over 90%. I used this tool for 5 weeks practicing almost every day and finally passed CBAP exam last week. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful tool for CBAP exam preparation"
Tatiana Sergueeva, CBAP


"I've been reading from absolutely different sources and forums about the effectiveness of Watermark Learning study tools, mentioning that Watermark tools are the most similar to real exams. It was proved once I subscribed to CBAP online study exam. This tool gives a wide choice of questions from different knowledge areas with explanation and link to the source in BABOK."
Ismayil Feyzullayev, CBAP

Sonal Patel

"I am thrilled at passing my CBAP exam!! Watermark Learning’s online study exam simulator with the 'drill section' of each Knowledge area assisted me to have an in-depth review of the BABOK. Each of my in-correct answers were referenced to BABOK® sections (page wise). The type of questions in my [actual] exam were of same level as Watermark Learning’s. I highly endorse the Watermark Learning - CBAP online study exam!!!!"
Sonal Patel , M.Eng., CBAP, Canada

Paskwa Mutunga

“I passed the CBAP Exam! The online study exam was a great tool to help build my confidence. I started off with a score of 72% and when it got to 90% I felt confident to sign up for the exam. I was surprised at how well it prepared me. I found the real exam a little bit easier than the toughest study exam I had. The analysis, the wording, the tricks, etc. in the Watermark Learning study exam absolutely helped me understand what to expect – my strengths and weaknesses - and it provided tips and examples that helped clarify concepts– it paid off!!”
Paskwa Mutunga, PMP, CBAP, IPSafari Inc.

Ritesh Soni

"I sat for my CBAP exam and passed at one sitting, I owe much of it to Watermark Learning. Watermark Learning’s online study exam simulator with the 'drill section' of each Knowledge area assisted me to have an in-depth review of the BABOK®. Each of my incorrect answers were referenced to BABOK sections (page wise). Along with a wide choice of questions from different knowledge areas with explanation and link to the source in BABOK really helped. The study guide and the online practice exams helped me understand the relationships between all those tasks, techniques, and elements. I highly endorse and recommend the Watermark Learning - CBAP online study exam!!!! Thank you and keep up the good job!"
Ritesh Soni, CBAP, CSM

Julia Hamilton

“Watermark Learning's CBAP online practice exam was exactly what I needed to ensure that I was prepared for the CBAP exam. Upon completing a practice exam, it showed me my overall score with a breakdown by knowledge area. This breakdown showed me which sections of the BABOK I needed to reread. It also allowed me to tailor my practice test to cover the areas I needed to focus on. For me, reading the BABOK and taking Watermark Learning's practice exams worked really well.

I just passed the CBAP exam yesterday! The practice test was very similar to the real test, so I knew what to expect. Because I was scoring well on the practice tests, I had confidence going into the test center, which helped me relax. This same confidence also helped me get a good night's sleep the night before the test. Thank you, Watermark Learning, for making such a helpful practice test!”
Julia Hamilton, CBAP

"I cleared the test; the exam simulation really helped me tremendously in clearing the test and getting prepared for it. I am so glad that I registered for Watermark Learning's CBAP online exam."
Sweety Jhawar, CBAP

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