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When I ask project managers what a baseline is and why it’s important, they tell me that it is an approved starting point against which project performance is measured. They are right, of course.  But when I ask them if … Continue reading

The Olympics are a fascinating phenomenon.  Why does watching athletes, whose names we don’t recognize, compete in sports we know nothing about become absolutely riveting?  Synchronized diving – seriously?  Would you even turn on the TV for that if it … Continue reading

Thomas Edison once said, “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”  Rules, rules, rules.  They constrain us, can make us feel patronized, and stand in the way of progress.  But without them…sometimes we’re a mess! … Continue reading

We recently hosted a lively webinar on Organizational Change Management titled “Is Your Organization Project Capable? Assessing Organizational Readiness” by one of our senior training instructors, Stevie Peterson. There were tons of questions and time ran out before we could … Continue reading

No project should be initiated without a charter or some kind of project initiating document.  While they may include various topics and information, the key purpose of a charter is two-fold: 1) It sanctions the project (or phase), and 2) … Continue reading

One of my favorite definitions of projects is “Projects are how organizations adapt to change.”  Projects are essentially the vehicle for organizational change.  Getting stakeholder agreement around that idea would not likely present much of a challenge.  Change within a … Continue reading

 When I ask students for their biggest challenges in managing projects, they usually tell me it’s the lack of people, time, or money. They just don’t have enough resources to get done what’s expected of them.  I don’t doubt it. … Continue reading

At the conclusion of a recent project management class, a student sighed heavily and noted that, “If I did all of this stuff, my stakeholders would shoot me.” I hear this sentiment often from students who are new to project … Continue reading

One of my long-standing suggestions for PMP® and CAPM® candidates has been to schedule your PMP® or CAPM® exam as soon as possible after your application is approved.  I have recommended this because rescheduling the exam has always been free … Continue reading

In project management, a good template can be invaluable in helping you organize your thoughts and communicate effectively.  Watermark Learning has many templates for project management, as well as business analysis and business process management.  Another resource that may get … Continue reading