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In our previous blogs, we covered what Agile business analysis is and how business analysts add value in an Agile environment. In this final blog, we talk about how to leverage Business Analysis skills in each of the five Scrum … Continue reading

Table of Contents What is Organizational Change Management (OCM)? Whose Job is it Anyway? Bringing an Agile Perspective to OCM Eight Tips to Create a more Agile OCM Effort What is Organizational Change Management (OCM)? Organizational Change Management (OCM) focuses … Continue reading

When I first heard the phrase “fail fast, fail often,” I was horrified. It was cited as a mantra by the early adopters of Agile methods. But I didn’t understand what it meant in those relatively early days of Agile. … Continue reading

Even though my wife Elizabeth Larson and I owned and ran a business, I wouldn’t exactly have used the term “executive” to describe us. But, we have both worked with several. And, in building and running Watermark Learning, we shared an important characteristic … Continue reading

A recent article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) asks if AI is a system or is it a solution like so many organizations think? An interesting question, but one that I would rephrase: Is AI a solution, is it technology … Continue reading

Since 2009, we have enjoyed reflecting on what’s happened the previous year in the world of projects and making predictions for the upcoming year. Here are some of the recent trend topics we have discussed: The digital transformation Roles that … Continue reading

In previous parts of this article, we covered an overview of Lean Startups and its Build-Measure-Learn (BML) methodology. We also explored the Build portion of the cycle, the first step in a Lean Startup. Another article examined the Measure phase … Continue reading

In this age of digital transformations and the digital BA, data matters. Without data there would be no big data, no data mining, no machine learning or predictive analytics. No AI. Nothing digital to transform. So yes, we have to … Continue reading

The tempo of change and level of uncertainty on many levels keeps organizations constantly having to strategize to sustain their customers’ interest and remain competitive. Similarly, project professionals have to strategize to keep their organizations’ interest in keeping them on … Continue reading

What does it mean to be a digital BA or digital PM? How is that related to artificial intelligence? What are the things you should be thinking about related to your value proposition for your projects and organizations in a digital … Continue reading