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During our recent  Agile Estimating and Planning webinar, we received many fabulous questions, and we were thrilled by the energy and engagement of the participants! Unfortunately, we were unable to answer all of the questions during the scheduled webinar. So, … Continue reading

When I ask students for their biggest challenges in managing projects, they usually tell me it’s the lack of people, time, or money. They just don’t have enough resources to get done what’s expected of them.  I don’t doubt it. … Continue reading

I heard this from a project team member in a training class recently.  He was referring to the schedules for the projects he works on.  What he was getting at was that the team really doesn’t have a chance from … Continue reading

The  Minnesota Department of Transportation, Mn/DOT, recently completed the biggest project in its history: 3 ½ years and $288 million. And get this: It finished weeks early and was completed within 2% of original contract value.   I visited the project … Continue reading

I think people like a good fight. Certainly the media seems to, not only in the world of politics, but also in the worlds of sports and entertainment to name a few. In the world of business analysis, the current fight … Continue reading

Years ago I worked on a large effort to reengineer a distribution center for a large retailer. We provided an estimate for both the business analysis work and for the entire project, which would involve the organization’s first use of Electronic … Continue reading