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We are on the last leg of our four-part series. In our previous BRM blogs, we provided you with a summary overview of BRM, BRMP®, and BRM Institute®. We then followed with more detailed information about the BRM role and … Continue reading

We are on the third leg of our four-part series. In our previous Business Relationship Management blogs, we provided you with a summary overview of BRM, BRMP®, and BRM Institute. We then followed with more detailed information about the BRM role and … Continue reading

Our BRM exploration journey continues. In our last BRM blog, we provided you with a high-level view of the BRM, BRMP®, and BRM Institute®. In this blog, we take a closer, more detailed look about the BRM role, a brief history, what … Continue reading

Welcome to the first in a series of four blogs in which we will introduce you to the world of Business Relationship Management, the role of the Business Relationship Manager, its corresponding certification, the value BRMs bring to the organization, … Continue reading

A Business Relationship Management (BRM) role is often thought to be a natural professional development path for business analysts. But what about project managers? Does it make sense for PMs to consider this as a logical professional growth opportunity for … Continue reading

On this page: What is a Model? Benefits of Modeling Types of Models The Iterative Nature of Elicitation and Modeling Modeling and the Project Professional Modeling is one of the most important practices for any project professional. As the adage states, “A picture … Continue reading

One of the perhaps most frustrating aspects of studying for one of IIBA’s (International Institute of Business Analysis) core certification exams (ECBA™, CCBA®, CBAP®), is learning the lingo or terminology utilized within the practice framework. Remember, the BABOK® reflects an … Continue reading

The single most important piece of advice we at Watermark Learning can offer regarding the CCBA® or CBAP® application process is (drum roll please) – DON’T WAIT! The majority of students in our certification classes report that they haven’t started … Continue reading

Studying for and passing a certification exam is challenging and anxiety-producing. I admit to feeling stressed each time and spending numerous hours preparing for my exams. It helped me in all cases to memorize key aspects of the underlying Body … Continue reading

In this blog, we will be exploring the various certifications offered by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). We will start by differentiating between the three designations that are considered the “core” business analysis certifications: ECBA™ (Entry Certificate in Business … Continue reading