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When I ask project managers what a baseline is and why it’s important, they tell me that it is an approved starting point against which project performance is measured. They are right, of course.  But when I ask them if … Continue reading

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Ah weight loss, the story of my life. I used to view it as an ongoing struggle but now I view it as a journey. After all, I have been doing it all my life, a seeming testament of my … Continue reading

One of my favorite definitions of projects is “Projects are how organizations adapt to change.”  Projects are essentially the vehicle for organizational change.  Getting stakeholder agreement around that idea would not likely present much of a challenge.  Change within a … Continue reading

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BobtheBA. I see and hear it all the time – Business Analysts make reference to their business partners saying, “they never know what they want”, “they keep changing their requirements again and again”, or “once again I led them to water”. … Continue reading

Last month we began our “fight” by exploring two estimating techniques that are often used on both Scrum and Waterfall projects. The first was relative sizing (one kind of analogous estimating) and the second Delphi (called Planning Poker in Scrum). … Continue reading