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Would you like to be a better leader? A more effective mentor? If so, you can probably benefit from reflecting on past mentors of yours who have influenced you. For me, it was a favorite teacher of mine back in … Continue reading

I have always loved the Game of Thrones TV series. What has fascinated me the most is the treatment of the Trusted Advisor, beautifully portrayed by Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion embodies important ingredients of a trusted advisor who … Continue reading

Deadlines, changing priorities, and relentless distractions make it challenging to bring our professional best to every task at work. Some days are frustrating, some infuriating. No one feels like they are hitting on all cylinders in terms of creativity and energy … Continue reading

Originally published in PM Times on May 23, 2016. How would you solve this problem? The US VA has unacceptable wait times for veterans seeking medical assistance. The VA medical centers around the country are overbooked and understaffed. Some veterans have … Continue reading

Originally published April 11, 2011 My husband and I belong to a mystery book club. Every month we read and discuss a book loosely categorized as mystery fiction. Recently one of the members asked whether the book we had just … Continue reading

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Exciting news for Watermark Learning! Our CEO, Elizabeth Larson, and President, Richard Larson, received an exclusive invitation to attend the Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.  May 11-13, 2015. They are a part of a select group of 100 … Continue reading