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Every project and every project stakeholder deserves some risk management, no matter how small or simple the project. That is a sentiment I often share with my project management students, inspired by an experience I had managing a small project … Continue reading

The ability to influence others is a requisite skill for any project professional.  It sure would be handy to be able to march around and dictate that people do this or that, but the fact is, when team members tell … Continue reading

On every project there are things we know and things we don’t know – Knowns and Unknowns.  Organizing your thoughts around those concepts can be a constructive approach to understanding a project as shown in the matrix. The Known Knowns … Continue reading

In my last ProjectBrief post, I talked about the importance of clearly identifying risks as events and making sure they aren’t simply stated as facts.  Here I’d like to briefly highlight the importance of including the consequence of those identified … Continue reading

These next few weeks I will be sharing thoughts about Project Risk Management.  In my training experience, I find that most people know what risk management is, but many people struggle with identifying risks.  Often, people create a list of … Continue reading