CBAP and CCBA Around the World

COSE Worldwide Subscribers MapThe IIBA keeps a record of credentialed CBAPs and CCBAs as part of their certification services. Successful candidates are added to the respective lists, which are kept in two spreadsheets. View the spreadsheets on the IIBA site.

If you are an employer, you should consider checking your job candidates against the list to verify they are actually certified. You could also use the list for networking purposes. As you get certified, you can also find out how many of your colleagues in your country are already certified.

Our CBAP and CCBA Online Study exams have subscribers from over 40 countries. Check out our world map showing where subscribers around the world are studying for their exam.

I recently tallied the numbers of CBAPs and CCBAs, and compiled these numbers. They were accurate when I did my count In April 2012, and won’t be exact as of the time when you read this. I found out some interesting results for CBAPs and CCBAs around the world. Here are the rankings:

CBAP (1767 total in the world):

1 USA 1090
2 Canada 320
3 Australia 60
4 New Zealand 43
5 India 37
6 UK 36
7 Japan 18
8 South Africa 15
9 UAE 12
10 Singapore 8


CCBA (110 total in the world):

1 USA 31
2 Japan 29
3 India 12
4 New Zealand 6
5 Canada 5
6 Australia 5

For more information about CBAP and CCBA preparation, visit our CBAP Resources page.

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