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Five Reasons to Get Your Certification

Five Reasons to Get Your Certification

I often get the question “What is the value of certification? Why should I get my PMP (or CBAP)?” Here is a quick list of reasons to get certified in your chosen profession. What are your reasons for wanting or having your certification?

1) Professional Advancement. Certification will lead to increased stature in your organization. Not everyone will be able to attain it. Organizations value individuals with industry certifications, so you will enhance your career and increase your ability to earn promotions and a higher salary.

Can the Same Person Function as a PM and BA on the Same Project

Can the Same Person Function as a PM and BA on the Same Project?

One of the most frequently asked questions I still get from my clients is whether or not one person can be both a Project Manager (PM) and a Business Analyst (BA) on the same project. The answer, of course, is yes, they can. Another related question, though, is whether or not they should. I think …

Requirements for Analysis

The Parallax Effect on Requirements Analysis

Have you ever gazed at the stars and found it difficult to focus on a particular one? It’s initially a bit disconcerting. If you look away a small amount, the star seems to become visible. Look straight at it and the star begins to dim and even disappear. Scientists call this the “parallax effect.” I …