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In our previous blogs, we covered what Agile business analysis is and how business analysts add value in an Agile environment. In this final blog, we talk about how to leverage Business Analysis skills in each of the five Scrum … Continue reading

Table of Contents What is Organizational Change Management (OCM)? Whose Job is it Anyway? Bringing an Agile Perspective to OCM Eight Tips to Create a more Agile OCM Effort What is Organizational Change Management (OCM)? Organizational Change Management (OCM) focuses … Continue reading

Welcome to the second in a series of three blogs in which we discuss Agile Business Analysis. In our previous blog, we talked about what Agile business analysis is and the Agile mindset. In today’s blog, we will take some … Continue reading

In today’s blog, we will take a few minutes to introduce the topic of conducting business analysis in an Agile environment, including what it is, the agile BA mindset, and the 7 principles of Agile business analysis. Business Analysis in … Continue reading

Influencing skills in today’s work environment is central to getting anything done. Consider what you do day in and day out. How much of your time is spent trying to get someone to think, feel, or do something they aren’t … Continue reading

As any instructor will tell you, one of the best things about teaching is learning from your students. It happens in some way, big or small, every time you get in front of people who are expecting to hear how to … Continue reading

If you ask project professionals what Job #1 is for business analysts, many will answer, elicit requirements. It is true that eliciting requirements is an essential activity at the heart of doing business analysis work. But BAs are not the … Continue reading

Organizations move to “Agile” ways of approaching initiatives to enable them to respond quickly and easily to new opportunities in the marketplace and new customer demands. Consequently, Agile has not only introduced change to the organization in its overall adoption, but it has also … Continue reading

Business cases are one of those artifacts that people understand and appreciate but do not always do. The good news is that they do not need to take a lot of time or be overly complex in order to be … Continue reading

What does playing golf, driving to work, or writing a report have in common? They have a start and an end. They consume or transform inputs into outputs. They are repeatable and ongoing. In essence, they are all processes. As … Continue reading