IIBA Releases CCBA Re-Certification Package

On February 8, 2012, IIBA released its re-certification package for CCBA. They have a new handbook, which is a must to get if you want to learn more about it. Currently, there are over 100 CCBAs, whose earliest re-cert is 2014, but it is never too early to begin planning.

In a recent webinar on CBAP/CCBA Certification, I mentioned the re-cert requirements would be much the same for CCBA as it is for CBAP. Like the CBAP, the CCBA credential requires 60 CDUs in a 3-year period to maintain it. If you are a CCBA and don’t have enough hours to qualify for the CBAP when your 3-year cycle ends, it makes sense to renew your CCBA.

Download your re-certification package on the IIBA website:


IIBA Provides this information about the CCBA renewal:

  • The current renewal fee for IIBA members is $85 USD and $120 USD for non-members.
  • Fractions of CDUs may be reported in quarter (¼) hour increments after one full hour. If the activity is less than one hour, the activity does not qualify for any CDU credit.
  • Earned CDUs must be reported using the CCBA® CDU Reporting Form and subject to maximums in various categories.
  • Compare and refer to our table of maximums within each category:

Summary: If you have a CCBA, start tracking your re-certification hours by category. A simple spreadsheet format will work just fine for this. By the time you need to re-certify, hopefully the IIBA will have an online form for us to enter our hours. (I would love that by 2013, actually, when my CBAP is up for renewal!). Download the IIBA’s re-certification package referenced above so you get all the facts.

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