Business Analysis, Project Management, and Business Process Management Training Testimonials

Discover what delighted students and managers have said about the project management and business requirements analysis training offered by Watermark Learning!

CBAP Study Guide

I took the CBAP exam today and cleared it! Your book definitely helped me with many of the questions directly and indirectly, and most importantly putting me in the right frame of mind for the exam.

Chetan Mehta, CBAP

Business Process Modeling

Provaliant brought Watermark Learning in to conduct Business Processing Modeling training for my staff. It was by far the most well-received training that we have ever had, with the most active participation in class activities by all of the Provaliant staff. It became apparent to my staff and me that that the material, instructor and/or presentation in classes we have had from other vendors was just not of high quality, impairing our ability to learn. With the Watermark instructor it was just the opposite, her professionalism and experience aided in making this a true learning experience for my staff.

Jay A. Masci, PMP, Provaliant Retirement, LLC

Business Analysis Certificate Program

I wanted to let you know I accepted a job yesterday working as a Business Change Analyst. This is a great career stepping point, and there are many opportunities to move into more BA work as I gain more experience within the company. The classes at Watermark definitely helped during the interview and all the workbooks will be brought in to my cube as reference material. Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

Laura F

Business Analysis Certificate Program

Today is a very special day for me. I am particularly pleased to be graduating with the Master’s Certificate in Business Analysis from Watermark Learning. The quality of the program at Watermark is superior to any other program in the Twin Cities. Other programs appear to be all about the certificate whereas at Watermark Learning, the classes stand by themselves in providing a quality, in-depth learning experience.

Watermark Learning’s program thoroughly prepares students with relevant skills. It goes beyond supplementing on-the-job training—it will help me to stand out above my peers. I understand the business analysis process better than before attending classes. I have already demonstrated higher productivity at work. As a result of the detailed content and unique exercises I worked through in class, I am also prepared for the CBAP® test.

My sincere thanks to everyone at Watermark Learning for helping me navigate through the Master’s Certificate program and select the right classes for me.


CBAP Online Study Exam

I had a month available to study for the CBAP® exam. After buying a discounted product from one of Watermark's competitors I was frustrated by the poor quality of their question set and did not feel confident about taking the exam. In the week before the exam, I bought 30 days access to Watermark's online study exam for CBAP® and used that over several days. One week later I passed the exam with ease. Watermark's question set had a similar style and construction to the actual exam and I recommend them without reservation.

Brian Hunt, CBAP, Brian Hunt Consulting

Software Testing Fundamentals

As a Project Manager, this course was very helpful in understanding the purpose, depth, and breadth of the testing component in projects.

Deborah Enrooth, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Use Case Modeling

Probably the most useful training I've attended in 5+ years at my company. Had a lot of fun! Thank you! I liked the group exercises on scenarios and activity diagrams and the use case examples to use as a format.


Project Management Fundamentals

I have probably learned more these three days than I have in any other past training. The instructor did an excellent job as a facilitator. As I am a past training manager, I can appreciate her ability and enjoyed it very much.

Brad Wolf, Matanuska Telephone Association

CBAP Certification Preparation

The CBAP Certification Preparation class was very helpful to me. The class provided me with tools to break down the BABOK into logical pieces for memorization. After the class, I had two weeks until my test. I could not have memorized the information in that time period without the helpful methods taught in the class. The practice exams were also helpful to me as a means to measure how well I was retaining the information and the areas that I needed to study more. The suggestion that we "dump" everything we had memorized was most helpful. By the time I was near the end of the test my brain was so tired that it was nice to refer to what I had written down with a rested brain.

Janet Justice, CBAP, NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.

Project Management Fundamentals

I am frighteningly more prepared to manage projects. I would recommend this course for anyone involved in project work-managers or not. I’m thrilled to return to my projects with a new perspective.

Becky Flickinger, Liberty Checks

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Preparation

The course REALLY helped me to get an organized perspective on the enormous amount of information that we have to assimilate for this Exam. It is an excellent course not only for preparing for the exam, but also for clarifying and discussing various aspects of the Knowledge Areas. I am looking forward to taking some of the advanced courses, once I become certified.

Lynne Robertson, Mylan Labs

Defining and Analyzing Requirements

Very good! Didn't use a lot of jargon. Taught in plain English which means the attendees will be able to apply what they learned anywhere. Great exercises and samples. The atmosphere set up from day one encouraged participation and thinking. Bravo!

Fortune 100 Retailer

PMP® Certification Preparation

I highly recommend Watermark Learning classes for anyone who is looking to gain knowledge, advance their careers, and earning power. The professionalism, knowledge, superior training tools and genuine interest in students - succeeds in setting Watermark Learning "above the competition". They use several approaches to learning, since everyone learns differently. Example: Classes are set up for optimum interaction between the instructor and students to thoroughly understand methodology, concepts and tools. I have passed my PMP exam and it has increased my earning power.

Robin Anderson, Company name withheld upon request

Facilitation Skills Workshop

Course materials were clear, concise - easy to take notes on. Course exercises were excellent - not too involved, makes sense in my real world, too. Instructor was very, very good - knowledgeable, shared that knowledge and experiences with us without making that the central point. Very safe environment. Every minute was valuable - which is unusual for such a class. Thanks!

Michelle Webb, Allianz Life Insurance

Facilitation Skills Workshop

Watermark is fantastic! I've never been disappointed with the class or instructors! Very informative and well worth the time! Can't wait until the next class!!

CJ, Fortune 100 Retailer

Influencing Without Authority

The Influencing class was jam packed with great information and tools for relationship building and assessing your stakeholders. For me, this class is similar to when I took purchasing classes AFTER I had developed a new purchasing department and been in purchasing for many years. Last week I received the, SO THAT IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK!, education and hope to implement it in my projects. Thank you very much.

SM, Large Energy Industry Company

Eliciting Business Requirements

This course was well thought out and focused on building skills to be a better communicator and business analyst. It was not filled with fluff or on the idea of selling the next available class to us.This has been the best class I've attended on the topic of Business Analysis.

Student from Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Project Management Fundamentals

Best instructor I've had in any business course. Instructor was excellent in every way - pacing, sense of humor, personality, presentation, sensitivity to all students and level of knowledge.

CD, Spanlink Communications

Project Management Certificate Program

Taking classes at Watermark Learning in Project Management has been a delightful experience. PM as it is taught at Watermark is applied science and art, combined together. Courses and training materials are challenging, involved and very engaging; instructors are superb. The training strategy is based on a hands-on, problem-solving approach. Additionally, they give you insight into your own personality, your innate motive and problem-solving approach based on colors you select as a reflection of your work style. This helps teams work effectively. I highly recommend classes at Watermark Learning to all.

Mahv Ayub, Access Genetics

CBAP Resources

I’m writing to let you know that I have recently passed the CBAP exam. The tools that helped me succeed are the BABOK, the CBAP Certification Study Guide by Richard and Elizabeth Larson and the Online Study Exam. When I sat down to write the exam, I felt totally prepared. The questions in the online study exam matched the tone and quality of the real exam questions so closely that there were no surprises. I would recommend the online study exam to anyone planning to write the CBAP exam.

Lorraine Blackman, CBAP, Atlantic Lottery Corporation