Building Better Business Cases

1-Day Trianing Course

Building Better Business Cases

Project professionals often find themselves developing business cases for the performing organization. When asked to do so, it is critical to create a solid business case. All too often, project teams are asked to implement a solution before the underlying problem is known or assessed. An essential ingredient to successful projects is a clear and relevant business case. It provides both insights into and a proposed solution for important business needs. Strong business cases contain feasible and effective ways of justifying and recommending projects that squarely address business needs, both problems and opportunities. Through this course, you will learn a repeatable process that starts with identifying business needs and ends with a strong business case. You will learn and practice applying each step in a 5-part approach to developing business cases.


  • Describe the essential components and roles needed for an effective business case.
  • Explain the need for business cases.
  • Plan and execute the steps needed for a business case effort using a structured approach.
  • Define business needs through solid situation statements.
  • Select and use appropriate techniques for determining root cause.
  • Use one or more of the methods presented to formulate recommendations in a business case.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis for business cases using standard financial valuation formulas.
  • Prepare an implementation plan and evaluation measures for a business case.

Length and Learning Modes

Live or Virtual Classes; Video on Demand; Discounts available for teams and for private offerings.


Live BBBC Course
Live: To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and group exercises throughout the course. Students need to be prepared for a high level of participation. Each participant receives a comprehensive student guide complete with examples and workshop solutions. This includes 6 months digital access to all training materials.
Virtual BBBC Course
Virtual Classroom: 1 day of web-based eLearning with a live instructor. This includes 6 months digital access to all training materials.
In-House BBBC Course
In-House: If you have 10 or more employees seeking training, we will deliver the course at your facility (or another location in your area, if you prefer).

Development Units

PDUs: 7 CDUs: 7 CEUs: 0.7


Process and business analysts, business process owners and executives, project managers, general business staff, and anyone who needs the skills to improve and/or manage business processes.


  • Business Case Overview
  • Define the Business Need
  • Analyze the Business Need
  • Making Sound Recommendations
  • Perform Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Plan Implementation and Evaluation of a Business Case


"The course helped to identify ways to better pinpoint why a project may be needed. I'll be able to clearly define problems/opportunities at the very beginning of the initiative. This will help with prioritization and eliminate wasted time/work. Everyone in my company could benefit from this course! "

Kevin Williams

"Great hands-on learning! I will be able to apply this in bringing up business cases regarding process improvements to our QMS."

Jason DiVincenzo

"I love the way the instructor taught! I'll be able to provide all the needed information for projects."

Tamela Stone

"The ability to interact with my peers was great. I imagine we'll be working to create more detailed business cases to management and steering committees."

"This class was informative and precise. I will be able to apply what I learned in business case development and project execution."

Kelechi Onyensoh

"I liked the templates and workbook to use in practical applications. I already use most of the techniques, but there are additions I learned that could be helpful."

Kyle Dedman

"Great class! I liked the actual case studies and exercises. Now, in writing work requests, I will be able to define the problem instead of providing the solution."

Thaya Morant

"I really liked the exercises. I'll be able to create business cases in my job, and review others' business cases as well."

"5 stars! I really liked the ability to apply the material through case studies."

Teresa Reynolds
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