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The ability to influence without authority is a skill coveted by any project manager. Even if a project manager has complete authority over project team members (which is seldom the case), there are still other stakeholders over whom they have … Continue reading

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Hello – Bob the BA here!  Have you ever wondered why someone would be looking you directly in the eye one minute and then suddenly turn away?  Did they lose interest in what you were saying?  Had they made up … Continue reading

Of all the things that threaten project success, poor or non-existent sponsorship is at or near the top of the list.  No sponsor?  No project. Below are three keys for increasing chances for sponsorship success in your organization: 1. Show small … Continue reading

In the popular children’s book A Mother for Choco, a baby bird goes looking for its mother.  He stops and asks Mrs. Giraffe, Mrs. Walrus, and others “Are you my mommy?”  But to no avail.  None of these potential mommies … Continue reading

In a recent project management class, we were discussing meeting effectiveness, and a student asked if it was ever appropriate to flat out excuse someone from a meeting for being rude or obnoxious? Fortunately, I have not been in a … Continue reading

During a recent client visit I encouraged the use of modeling as a way to uncover hidden requirements and expectations. One of my clients expressed her rather strong opinion that modeling requirements was not and should not be a part … Continue reading

Projects cross cultural boundaries probably as often as not anymore.  How many people either go to other countries to work on projects, find themselves working with team member from other countries here in the US, or work with virtual teams … Continue reading

At a recent conference I sat next to a project manager who observed, “My organization hired a new consulting company to do business analysis work. They’ve completely taken over. Now they do a lot of the project management work that … Continue reading

As project managers and business analysts, you are undoubtedly familiar with the misery of poorly planned and poorly run meetings.  It’s a long list of things that drive meeting madness: unclear purpose, wrong people in attendance, lack of ground rules, inadequate preparation, poor time management, etc. … Continue reading

Years ago I worked on a large effort to reengineer a distribution center for a large retailer. We provided an estimate for both the business analysis work and for the entire project, which would involve the organization’s first use of … Continue reading