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 August makes me think of lots of things: hot summer days, lemonade stands, and one of the most popular topics in the media this time of year, the summer slide. I’m not talking about the summer slide like the one … Continue reading

 An acquaintance was talking a few days ago about a company function at which a functional group had been brought together for purposes of learning, bonding, and growing as professionals, presumably to benefit themselves and the organization. But when someone … Continue reading

Developing our new course, Getting Real Results from Virtual Teams, has me poring through resources and reflecting on my own experiences of working virtually. There are, of course, many types of virtual work environments and circumstances, just as there are … Continue reading

The frustration of multitaskers was the topic of my last blog, in which I reminded readers of two things most of us already know: 1) Our brains really don’t allow us to mentally think about two things at once, and 2) … Continue reading

During the Q and A following my recent webinar, Offsite and On Board, most questions pertained to challenges around people multitasking during conference calls and online meetings. Evidence of people multitasking during virtual meetings includes the tap-tap-tap of keyboarding, silence … Continue reading

I recently learned about a new twist on an old game: Corporate BS Bingo.   Everyone creates their own bingo card with their most irritating corporate-speak terms.  You know, those corporate terms that get so overused that they devolve into meaninglessness. … Continue reading

What is the value of PMP certification?  I was discussing this topic with a colleague recently and found myself being somewhat defensive.  Obviously, as an instructor for PMP certification, I have a significant bias toward investing in Project Management certification.  So … Continue reading

I often get the question “What is the value of certification? Why should I get my PMP (or CBAP)?” Here is a quick list of reasons to get certified in your chosen profession. What are your reasons for wanting or having your certification?

1) Professional Advancement. Certification will lead to increased stature in your organization. Not everyone will be able to attain it. Organizations value individuals with industry certifications, so you will enhance your career and increase your ability to earn promotions and a higher salary.
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