Business Analysis Industry Credentials: CBAP® and CCBA® Exam Preparation Resources

Are you ready to be a leader in the BA field and strengthen your organization? You can do this by becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) or with the Certified Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA)*. CBAPs and CCBAs are recognized experts in the industry, are called on for the most significant projects, and demonstrate a commitment to the profession, an important edge with employers. Watermark Learning offers the most comprehensive program in the industry to help you get there. Accelerate your career path and support your organization with the following resources from Watermark Learning.

*Because the CCBA certification is based entirely on the BABOK® Guide, our CBAP resources are all excellent tools for helping you pass your exam.

Step 1: Learn about CBAP or CCBA and apply for the exam.

"I used the spreadsheet on your site to apply for the CCBA exam, and I was approved the first time I applied for it. Thanks!"
—Candace Jeffries, CCBA

Step 2: Get started with your certification preparation. Attend a prep course, purchase a study guide, and read the BABOK.

CBAP Certification Prep Class
This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the CBAP exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. This course also includes the CBAP Version 2.0 Study Guide and a free 90-day subscription to our CBAP Online Study Exam.

CCBA Certification Prep Class
This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the CCBA exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. This course also includes the CBAP Version 2.0 Study Guide and a free 90-day subscription to our CCBA Online Study Exam.

CBAP Study Guide
This comprehensive study guide highlights all the important points of the CBAP and CCBA 2.0 exam. It helps you readily master all knowledge areas of the BABOK Guideand helps you focus your study time. Contains hundreds of practice exam questions and answer explanations. Also includes a trial subscription to our CBAP or CCBA Online Study Exam.

Foolproof Plan for Passing the CBAP Certification Exam
Check out our free foolproof plan article! Get started on your own plan to pass the CBAP or CCBA® exam.

International Institute of Business Analysis, A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) 2nd edition, 2009, ISBN 0-981-12921-8

Step 3: Finalize your study and preparation. Quiz yourself using flashcards you've made or purchased, listen to them on CD, and take lots and lots of practice exams.

BABOK Flashcards
Colorful, sturdy flashcards that cover the most important BABOK Guide and techniques. Over 300 color-coded cards to help you drill and learn the central concepts for the CBAP or CCBA exam, and help you finalize your exam preparation.

BABOK Audio Flashcards
Study for the CBAP or CCBA exam at your convenience in the car, on your laptop, or MP3 player. These flashcards were designed as a stand-alone study aide or to be used in conjunction with the CBAP Certification Study Guide - 2nd Edition

CBAP Online Study Exam and CCBA Online Study Exam
Already used by more than 2500 people in 66 countries around the world! Recent CBAP candidates are from Azerbaijan, Denmark, Lithuania, and Macedonia. To see all the countries, click here for a map.

Surveys indicate that practice questions are one of the most effective techniques for helping pass the CBAP v2.0 exam. Increase your odds of passing, reduce exam anxiety, and save time with the most complete and realistic online CBAP certification preparation tool in the market today.

These self-paced programs adapt as you progress in your exam preparation. They both contain:

"I wrote and passed the CBAP exam. It was a tough one. Thank you very much for your study guide and online study exam. I wouldn't have passed without them!"
—Sandra Koehler, CBAP, PMP

  • Warm-Up exams to get started,
  • Drill section to concentrate on one BABOK area at a time, and
  • Full CBAP and CCBA exam simulators. Detailed feedback and summary results are provided.

Additional CBAP and CCBA Resources:

Become a Watermark Learning member and gain access to:

  • Foolproof Plan article
  • CBAP and CCBA Top Mnemonics
  • Flashcard Template to make your own flashcards
  • Exam Preparation Tips
  • Exam Answer Sheets

Step 4: Take the exam and earn your CBAP Credential!

Let us know when you've passed! We've love to hear from you.

So far we've helped hundreds of business analysts earn their CBAP and CCBA Credentials. We'd love to help you, too!

“I passed the CBAP exam! My success was a combination of many things. Watermark Learning was one of them. Their virtual CBAP Certification Preparation Class was beneficial. Their CBAP Online Study Exam was a very helpful companion along the road. Their customer service, people behind the virtual, their tips, and advice. Thank you for all your support and help before, during, and after the CBAP class!”
- Nancy Vachon, CBAP