What is Business Relationship Management?

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What is Business Relationship Management?

Business Relationship Management is a philosophy, discipline, capability, and role. It embodies a set of competencies, skills, mindsets, and behaviors that foster productive, value-producing relationships. It is a belief that the development of strong relationships provide the greatest impact to increasing value for the organization.

According to the Business Relationship Management Institute®, a Business Relationship Manager’s (BRM) mission is to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose. So, what does this mean? A BRM’s purpose is to develop and nurture strong relationships to create a culture in which collaborative relationships can form around a common purpose. They build and encourage a shared ownership to achieve results. They also develop new and existing investments and assets that will achieve strategic results and help sustain both the organization and the people in the organization .

For example, an IT Business Relationship Manager may help IT demonstrate their value and relevance to the business and help the business prioritize technology projects, ensure projects align with the technology that maximizes return on investment, and ensure that the IT strategy supports the business strategy. To meet these needs, BRMs who support IT must have substantial business and technology knowledge to provide greatest benefit.

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What is the BRMP Certification?

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP)® is the first level of certification for Business Relationship Managers. This certification is designed to provide those currently in a business relationship management role, or those looking to move into a BRM role, with the foundational knowledge they need to be successful in the role. The BRMP training and certification program is a comprehensive foundation designed to provide a solid baseline level of knowledge regarding the BRM role and capability.

Watermark Learning's BRMP certification course provides the key concepts, techniques, tools and processes central to the BRM role and capability. Unlike other certifications, you need no prior knowledge. To assimilate the vast amount of information needed to pass the BRMP exam, there is a mixture of lecture, discussion, exercises, and a practice exam during the course. Attendees will take the official certification exam at the end of the course. Upon class enrollment, attendees will be eligible for a 3 month free membership with the BRM Institute which provides the member access to free BRM tools, an opportunity to learn from the BRM community, access to the BRM Interactive Body of Knowledge, as well as insightful webinars, templates and frameworks to use in your organization.

Why Choose Watermark Learning?

Watermark Learning is a BRM Institute® Knowledge Provider and APMG Accredited Training Organization (ATO). We stay very involved with BRM Institute to keep up-to-date on issues affecting the profession. Our students tell us again and again how happy they are with their experience at Watermark Learning, and we think you will be, too.

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