Agile Change Agent Certification Training

  • 2-day Interactive Course, In-Person or Online
  • Agile Change Agent Exam Fee Included

Agile Change Agent Certification Training

In this two-day workshop, participants will learn about agile ways of working and how an agile approach impacts their role and interaction with those driving and leading change. The course also equips participants with pioneering tools to ensure change initiatives are embedded, adopted, and deliver benefits throughout their organizations.


  • Explain the processes, activities and information needed to plan and manage any type of change initiative.
  • Learn how to allocate the available time to deliver greatest value.
  • Understand how to prioritize activities according to their business value.
  • Apply techniques to identify the benefits of the change.
  • Define the information needed to manage a change initiative.
  • Determine who needs to be involved and how to best engage them.
  • Understand how to build trust and develop supportive relationships between all those impacted by change.
  • Develop strategies for building resilience.
  • Create a supportive environment that motivates people to participate in change.

Length and Learning Modes

  • 2 days
  • The actual exam will be proctored the day after the class concludes (allow for 1 ½ hours) or can be scheduled via APMG at the student’s convenience.
  • Discounts available for teams and for private offerings.


Virtual CSM Course

Virtual Classroom: To assimilate information needed to pass the Agile Change Agent Certification exam, there are multiple exercises throughout the course that help you apply the learning; study questions to help you retain the information, and a full length practice exam to take before the actual exam. This includes 6 months digital access to all training materials.

Development Units

PDUs: 14 CDUs: 14


This course and certification will benefit anyone involved in planning, managing, and creating change at work within an agile environment.


There are no prerequisites, but a basic understanding Agile principles and change management will be helpful.

Recommended Reading – Agile Change Management: A practical framework for successful change planning and implementation by Melanie Franklin. You may purchase this book through APMG or Amazon.


  • Understanding Change Management
  • Understanding Agile Approaches
  • Core Concepts to Drive Agile Change
  • Roadmap
  • Business Need
  • Relationship Building
  • Environment

Detailed Outline

Agile & Change Management Overview

  • Agile principles
  • Change management basics
  • Core concepts

Change Management Roadmap

  • Definition and elements
  • Roadmap framework
  • Roadmap - Iteration 1 & Iteration 2

Business Need

  • Business need defined
  • Requirements vs benefit led change
  • Business need in iterations 1 & 2
  • Business understanding
  • Change participants
  • Support for the change

Relationship Building

  • Personal awareness
  • Personal leadership


  • Definition, elements, and benefits
  • Five reactions to change
  • Positive and sustaining environments
  • Resilience and change
  • Intrinsic motivation


  • Questionnaires & Assessments
    • Business Understanding Questionnaire
    • Motivation Questionnaire
    • Benefits Assessment
    • Self-Assessment
    • Emotional Assessment
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