Business Relationship Management Foundations

3-Day Training Workshop

Business Relationship Management Foundations

The purpose of this class is to gain a comprehensive foundation of Business Relationship Management and develop and practice the core skills of a Business Relationship Manager. The student will also be able to create awareness of the role with their business partners and senior provider management; assess the current state of their business-provider relationships, and the business demand - provider supply maturity with the objective of scoping what aspects of the BRM role would be appropriate to implement, or, where already implemented, which aspects need to be adjusted.


To know and understand:

  • The BRM framework (the “house of BRM”).
  • The role and responsibilities of the BRM role.
  • What it means to perform as a strategic partner, contributing to business strategy formulation and shaping business demand for the provider’s services.
  • How to identify solution options and how to make recommendations.
  • The purpose of value management, common sources of value leakage, and how to optimize value.
  • How portfolio management disciplines and techniques are used to maximize investments.
  • How to align services and service levels with business needs.
  • How to communicate effectively and persuasively, as well as building strong relationships and trust.
  • Change management (business transition management) and the conditions for successful change.

Length and Learning Modes

In-house classes: 3 Days; Discounts available for teams and for private offerings.


In-House BRMF Course
In-House: If you have 10 or more employees seeking BRM Foundations training, we will deliver the course at your facility (or another location in your area, if you prefer). The training can be scheduled during any three consecutive days of your choosing.

Development Units

PDUs: 21 CDUs: 21 CEUs: 2.1


This course is aimed at those with a Business Relationship Management role or position, those in a business management and/or provider management role, and Consultants looking to gain an insight into Business Relationship Management.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

For more information regarding the BRM framework students may want to purchase or download the BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge. You may purchase this through Amazon or download a free copy provided you are BRM Institute member.


  • Overview
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Identifying Solution Options and Making Recommendations
  • Value Management
  • Portfolio Management & Business Case Development
  • Building Relationships (strategic relationship management)
  • Powerful Communication
  • Change Management (Business Transition Management)