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Everything you Need to Pass the CBAP or CCBA Exam the First Time!

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Richard and Elizabeth Larson have written the definitive CBAP Certification Study Guide. This best-selling go-to guide thoroughly covers the BABOK® Guide version 3.0 and has received more organic reviews and the highest organic ratings of any other CBAP® or CCBA® Study Guide.

It also comes with a free 5-day trial subscription to the CBAP Online Study Exam or CCBA Online Study Exam (provided on the inside cover of the study guide), used by over 8,700 candidates around the world to help them prepare for their exam. To ensure you pass the CBAP or CCBA Exam the first time, be sure to get this valuable resource.

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Why you need this study guide

Not only does this guide show you what to study, it also details how to study. Included is:

  • A detailed BABOK summary, focused on aligning your business analysis experience with the BABOK Knowledge Areas and passingOnline Study Trial Offer the CBAP/ CCBA exam.
  • A full CBAP exam simulation and answer key designed to improve your test-taking skills and prepare you for the exam questions.
  • Tips, hints, and techniques for structuring, mastering, and retaining information to help you streamline your study time and pass the test.
  • Hundreds of diagrams, figures, and tables to help you focus on the important points from the BABOK.
  • A glossary of business analysis terms and a cross-reference to the BABOK. A useful resource even after you pass the exam.


Mary Hand, CBAP, ITIL (Canada)

"This guide is very well laid-out; includes useful tips, mnemonics, and scenarios to help the user grasp the content & relate it to his or her own experiences. I highly recommend it for anyone planning on writing their CCBA or CBAP exam!"

Mary Hand,
CBAP, ITIL (Canada)
Syed Qasim Ali, CBAP (Canada)

"Great reference to BABOK version 3 and of course an amazing tool to prepare for certification."

Syed Qasim Ali,
CBAP (Canada)
Paskwa Mutunga, PMP, CBAP, IPSafari Inc. (Canada)

"I passed the CBAP Exam! I had spent a long time getting ready using various methods. I taught a BA course, used several study guides, flash cards and exam prep material. By far, the most memorable and practical study guide was the Watermark Learning guide. It had practical examples, was written in a conversational style, and acronyms such as CARA’s SOUPS and POI BARS were so funny that they made the material stick a lot easier."

Paskwa Mutunga,
PMP, CBAP, IPSafari Inc. (Canada)
Richard, Amazon reviewer

"Quite detailed guide...takes you through its entire cycle with real examples and illustrations."

Amazon reviewer
Matthew F Smith, PMP, CBAP, SSBB (United States)

"I took the CBAP test this afternoon and passed! I am so very much relieved - please accept my thanks and appreciation with assisting me with this accomplishment. I very much relied on the Watermark study guide - very well written, comprehensive, complete and most impressively, functional! I can only imagine how much time and effort is poured into your material – it is a valued and worthy product. Thanks for all the help from Watermark!"

Matthew F Smith,
PMP, CBAP, SSBB (United States)