PMI-PBA Certification Requirements

4-Day Exam Prep Course • Based on the PMI-PBA Exam Content Outline

What is the PMI-PBA® Certification?

The PMI-PBA certification is one of PMI's fastest growing certifications and will demonstrate your competence in all aspects of business analysis, from needs assessment through requirements management and solution evaluation. PMI-PBA certificate holders are recognized experts in the BA field, relied on for the most significant projects, and demonstrate commitment to the profession, an important edge with employers. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements, including passing a rigorous exam, to earn the PMI-PBA certification. Eligibility requirements include:

Bachelor's Degree or Global Equivalent

  • 35 hours of education in business analysis practices (satisfied by Watermark Learning's PMI-PBA certification training course)
  • 36 months working as a practitioner of business analysis (Experience must be earned within the last 8 years)
  • For more details, see the PMI-PBA Handbook


High School Diploma, Associate's Degree, or Global Equivalent

  • 35 hours of education in business analysis practices (satisfied by Watermark Learning's PMI-PBA certification training course)
  • 60 months working as a practitioner of business analysis (Experience must be earned within the last 8 years)
  • For more details, see the PMI-PBA Handbook


Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s or master’s degree or global equivalent)

  • 35 hours of formal education (satisfied by Watermark Learning's PMI-PBA certification training course)
  • Minimum two years/24 months unique non-overlapping professional business analysis experience
    *NOTE: If you are a graduate of a GAC accredited degree program, you will receive a 12-month credit towards the work experience requirement. Also, you can use the GAC course work to fulfill the 35-education contact hour requirement.
  • For more details, see the PMI-PBA Handbook

Start your own PMI-PBA certification journey by following the steps below with resources and products from Watermark Learning!

Step 1: Take a PMI-PBA Certification Training Course and Join a Study Group.

PMI-PBA Certification Exam Prep Class

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the PMI-PBA exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. The course was designed, created, and is taught by certified professionals in order to help you focus on the critical areas to study and prepare for the exam.

PMI-PBA Exam Prep Course

PMI-PBA Certification Training Provides:

  • Test-taking tips and strategies, along with other practice exercises to reinforce the material to make sure you’re ready for the exam.
  • 35 Professional Development hours, enough to apply for the PMI-PBA exam
  • Free 90-day subscription to our PMI-PBA Exam simulator with over 800 questions

"I found your PMI-PBA certification study guide and online exam tool invaluable to my success in achieving my PMI-PBA credential this year. Thank you!"

—Jason Greatrex, PMP, PMI-PBA, ITIL (Canada)

Step 2: Apply for the PMI-PBA Certification Exam

Use the following resources to help you apply for the PMI-PBA certification exam.

"I passed the PMI-PBA exam today. I credit my success to the excellent Watermark materials. I purchased the PMI-PBA certification book and the practice exams from Watermark. The on-line exams were great, and it was interesting and helpful to see the domain areas where my weaknesses were. The book was big and heavy, but oh, so worthwhile; the format was perfect (type size). I loved the mnemonics, they were easy to remember. Great materials!"

—Barb Allen, PMI-PBA, CSPO (United States)

Step 3: Study Your PMI-PBA Exam Prep Course Materials

Our comprehensive study materials highlight all the key concepts found in the PMI-PBA ECO and help focus your study time on the areas most significant to passing the exam. Our course materials, including the main presentation and Study Tables, also incorporate the key terms and concepts, including tools and techniques found in both The PMI Guide to Business Analysis and the Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide. Additionally, our numerous practice exam questions and supplemental resources will help bring all the concepts together to make your exam experience a success.

See all Course Materials

Step 4: Finalize Your Study and Preparation

PMI-PBA Certification Online Study Exam

  • Take the most realistic exams using our Online Study Exam Simulator, to reduce surprises and increase confidence
  • Instant detailed feedback on every question to explain both correct and incorrect answers and solidify retention
  • 3 categories of questions with unlimited tests that you can stop and start according to your schedule
  • Online study exam subscription included with course. Individual subscriptions available, prices start at $99 for subscriptions.
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"I have multiple high level certifications, and I do not impress easily. Having said that, I will tell you that the combination of your training guide by Elizabeth Larson and Richard Larson, coupled with your online training, was very very valuable in me passing my PMI-PBA test on the first try. I will definitely use your services again."

—Jerry Foley, PMP, PMP-PBI, RTPM, ITIL, CCNA, MCSE (United States)

Step 5: Take the Exam and Earn Your PMI-PBA Certification!

So far, we've helped thousands of business analysts earn professional certifications, including the PMI-PBA credential. We'd love to help you, too!

Let us know when you've passed! We'd love to hear from you.

Solange Bedran

"I would like to thank the RBN (Rodrigo Neves) — Watermark’s representative in Brazil — for their support with my studies. I have done the on-line remote course and have used the PMI-PBA Certification guide, Study tables and Simulation exams, that I consider to be very helpful Watermark’s resources. I have spent 2 months studying and I successfully passed the PMI-PBA exam on the first attempt!"

Solange Bedran,
PMI-PBA, MBA, Electrical Engineer (Brazil)
John A. Rush

"Without Watermark's PMI-PBA Study Guide, I would not have been successful. It is very evident that the Larsons are much attuned to what is needed to pass the PMI-PBA exam."

John A. Rush IV,
PMP, PMI-PBA (United States)
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